Spring is in the air…

… and with the change in season comes some changes for our Farmers – check out our Highlights.  Are your spring bulbs popping up in the garden?  Don’t forget it’s Daffodil Day tomorrow – we wish the Cancer Society every success in fundraising.

See you this Sunday from nine til noon at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!


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Traditional Country Preserves won’t make it this Sunday but Kaikoura Cheese will!  With Spring comes baby animals, and baby goats means goats milk!  Daniel has ‘Fluffy Clouds’ available once again, this is a delicious goat fromage, and ‘Te Nara’ will be back on the menu soon.  Cranky Goat are getting busy again too and will be back at the market soon.

We’re spoilt for choice this week the Lola’s French Bakery and Annette’s German delights coming to market again this Sunday with fruit muffins, her trusted Berlin style sourdough rye and wheat bread, cinnamon scrolls, citrusy sweetbread, crackers, some wheat free baking, seed bread and other delectable surprises.

Keeping with the European theme … Peter the Swiss Butcher has introduced a delicious liver pate and cured meat platter.  For just $15 you can enjoy a selection of prosciutto, coppa, bresaola and landjager.

The almond orchard at Riverina is in full bloom now – which means Gill and Graham are busy driving tractors all night long frost fighting their two blocks.  They’ll be selling their wonderful almonds and biscotti on Sunday morning but may need to pop over to Ritual or Koffie every half an hour!

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to fresh vegetables this week – Field Fresh are back and Spudz n Greens always has a terrific selection.


Marlborough Nursery’s delights


The delightful Rose (aptly named considering her occupation!) and daughter Kimberly both have green fingered artistic tendencies.  They have planted ‘portable gardens’ for those of us with limited outdoor space.  These cheerful veggie planters (individually painted) are perfect for your patio and are great value around the $15 to $20 mark.  For this you will get a vegetable selection along the lines of 20 plants and Rose is happy to customize a planter to your specification.

If any Vampire Slayers missed out on planting garlic on the shortest day of year grab a six pack off Rose – just $3.


Recipe: Easy Peasy Proscuitto Farmer’s Market Appetizer


Prosciutto Appetizer—this super easy appetizer will be a hit at your next party!Brush a sliced baguette from Lola with a little olive oil from Limrose – then toast in the oven.  Spread Daniel’s ‘Fluffy Clouds’ on the baguette slices and add a few leaves of rocket from Rose.  Top with a piece of Peter’s prosciutto.  Then wow your guests with this Farmers’ Market wonder!