Covid Level 2 information

We are OPEN and will be operating under Level 2 with contract tracing and social distancing. All pedestrian access to the market arena will be through a single entrance by foot from the Maxwell Gate entrance. Here please scan in on the QR codes or use the manual entry if you don’t have a smart phone.

Please drive into the A&P park to park your car as you normally would.

We ask that you please only handle produce or product you plan to buy, and if unwell, please stay home.

In this issue, market manager Lynn shares her spicy Hash recipe. In season now are raspberries, the king of plums, Omega, white table grapes, and one of the best early season apples, Akane is making a first appearance at the market, totally Spray Free. These are just a few Autumn highlights.

Add to your haul watermelon (they are finally ready), capsicum, jalapeños, eggplant, kamo kamo, marrow, pak choy cucumbers & courgettes, to name just a few of the veggies available from your local growers.

See you Sunday, rain or shine, from 9 til noon at A&P Showgrounds.

Spicy Hash with Toulouse Sausage

Our market manager Lynn made a spicy hash using Toulouse Sausage (from Craft).

“I very simply started with chill and garlic (from Golden Mile Produce), then added capsicum, shallot and spring onion (all available from market), sauteed them for a bit them added the cut-up sausage, a sliced fennel bulb (Field Fresh), potato (Spudz n Greens), then few cut up tomatoes fresh from my garden, but also plenty available at the market. Simmered this for a bit then covered and put in the oven. While that is cooking I boiled up some corn (from Birch Grove) and had a glass of wine.

Served when ready with Marlborough sea salt (Community Stall) and black/white pepper. This may also be nice with some hot chilli sauce (Boom!).”


New product at the community stall

Introducing Proper Seed Crackers in four flavours: vegan, no sugar, wheat free, rosemary, cumin, rye, and original. Delicious with Farmers’ Market cheese, pate and condiments.

From our stallholders

David Harwood

Fresh Raspberries now available every market, Frozen berries are also available from David.

Windsong Orchard

Windsong Orchard’s fruit supply is diversifying. This weekend will not only see the king of plums, Omega, at their stall but also sweet black and white table grapes. Old fashioned and full of flavour, nothing at all like the supermarket version! Get in quick for their blueberries too, season is coming to an end.


VIAVIO CACIOTTA is back with a twist! Our Cheese Maker has produced FOUR different CACIOTTA all made with a hint of locally sourced flavours.
We would love your feedback!
See you on Sunday at the Market 

Heaven’s Scent

Heaven’s Scent will be back this Sunday with their first Spray Free apple “Akane”. A firm white flesh medium sized apple with the refreshing flavour of the Old Jonathan apple.  Great for eating and drying.

Golden Mile Produce

It’s been worth the wait but watermelon are finally ready and at the market. Golden Mile Produce will be all things green this weekend. Watermelon, capsicum, jalapeños, Thai Long Green eggplant, kamo kamo, marrow, pak choy cucumbers & courgettes! As well as all the favourites like pickled onions, garlic, new season shallots and we couldn’t forget the strawberries! Can’t wait to see you.  Stephen & Sally 

Snailhouse Bakery

Snailhouse bakery

Rain or shine I will be at the market with the tasty and healthy German style rye sourdough bread and the more  French style sourdough  country loaf,  wheat free adventure bread, superseeded multigrain, Cinnamon snails, sour cherry pie, Linzer Torte, chia seed crackers, sauerdough crackers, breadsticks and coconut Pani Popos . Ripe new season apples will turn into original Austrian Applestrudel Of course with cream. Annette


Happy to report, available now are the first of the season’s dehydrated Italian Prune Plums. These are the worlds’ most popular plums. They are full of antioxidants and have many nutritional health benefits. All you have to take for a start is 4 to 5 a day.

Ever popular soups are still available. I know the weather is a lot warmer now, and traditionally soup, is a winter thing, however, we still have big, hot roast dinners during summer, so why not a bowl of nutritious soup. Look forward to seeing you at the Market on Sunday. Alys

Sharpas tool tips

A Garden wheel of tools. Some of the tools I am sharpening to make gardening easier. It’s a busy time of year and if you have a tool that needs sharpening bring it along to the Farmers’ Market. For jobs that can’t be done on the day, a drop off service is available. If it’s got an edge to sharpen SharpAs is the place to contact.

Gourmet Deli

Gourmet-deli are on RnR for this Sunday. See you all next Sunday

mā te wā.

See you Sunday from 9 til noon, unless you are unwell. If you haven’t already, we invite you to follow us on FaceBook and Instagram.

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