Crisp air, crisp produce, crispy brunch!

Come and enjoy the crisp clear Sunday morning air at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market.  Blow away the cold with the wonderful selection of winter greens available and the citrus to top up your Vitamin C.  Enjoy coffee & brunch, a catch up with friends, and a nibble around the Market Stalls.

See you this Sunday from nine til noon at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!


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Coffee & brunch, fresh seasonal fruit & veg, flowers, plants, eggs, preserves and nuts – available year round!


The Marlborough Farmers’ Market operates all year round and here’s a list of our Winter weekly regulars … Field Fresh, Ngamahau Fish, Harwoods, Spudz n Greens, Face-painting, Koromiko Eggs, Riverina, Marlborough Nursery, and Koffie or Ritual or both!

Fresh gluten free pasta and large Empanadas of Chicken,Venison and Beef are also regularly available at Pedros.

Traditional Country Preserves are at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market all year round too with a wonderful range of fudge, honey, jams and preserves.  Magnificent Mississippi muffins are available every week too – at Traditional Country Preserves during Winter on the Sundays when Mississippi Herbs are absent.

There’s plenty more stalls popping up through Winter too – look out for NuggetyCreek, Peter the Swiss Butcher, Premium Game, Nutt Ranch, Seasons, Feast Merchants, Limrose, Garden Bees and Purple Patch.


This Sunday is a fond farewell to Margaret at Gourmet Deli until next Season.  She sends a big thank you to her many regular customers and invites you to enjoy her grand finale this Sunday …

Hot spiced Beef  goulash soup with mousetrap ( eggs, onion, cheese & bacon grilled on toast)
Herbed grilled potato cakes, bacon and poached eggs with beetroot relish $12
Chickpea, pea & leek potato cakes with two poached eggs served with chow chow pickle $10
Cheese & bacon omelette $12
Blueberry & lemon curd pastries $5
Mango & salted caramel cake with optional cream $ 5 slice



Riverina Almonds – available all year round


Delicious and delectable, Graham and Gill sell fresh almonds year round at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market.  They’re harvesting and pruning on the farm at present and invite you every Sunday to taste their wonderful selection of almonds – smoked & salted, roasted with garlic & chili, roasted & salted, natural and candied.  Do try them!

“Go Nuts: You’ll be healthier

If you eat nuts you are going to live longer and breed better.  Nuts contain a unique combination of healthy fats, plus a range of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals which reduce heart disease and Type 2 diabetes risks, lower cholesterol, and help to manage weight gain.  Research shows regular nut consumption (30g most days of the week) reduces mortality by 20%, and increases male fertility.

AlmondsImage may contain: tree, plant, flower, sky, outdoor and nature

Almonds are really the internal kernel of a variety of peach and are similar in growth habits to a peach except they need a second variety as a pollinator and live longer (about 70 years compared to the peach’s average of 10).  Humidity can cause the fungal diseases of leaf curl and brown rot (although they don’t seem as susceptible as most peaches) so in humid areas plant in a well-ventilated area or amongst your shelter belt.  Like peaches, they prefer good, fertile soil and don’t like excessive dampness around their roots.  There is no reason why more almonds cannot be grown in New Zealand and trials are currently underway in the Wairarapa, Waikato and Nelson regions to identify superior varieties.  Trees will grow to about six metres, and they are the first in the orchard to welcome spring, putting on a display of blossom in early August.”





Here are the recipes from last week’s Chef Demonstration with Sander from Karaka Kitchen



Potato Gnocchi with Black Garlic Beurre Blanc: Potatoes and Kale from Spudz n Greens, Peter the Swiss Butcher’s Proscuitto, Free range eggs from KoromikoRiverina’s Smoked Almonds and herbs from Mississippi Herbs

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– Peel and boil 1kg of Agria potatoes. Until just cooked, drain and let them steam for 10 minutes before mashing them up and let the mash cool down.

– Fold 2 egg yolks and 100gm of flour through the mash potato.

– Bring a pot of water to the boil with good amount of salt in the water.

– Roll the gnocchi mix in a long sausage, with flour on the bench to stop it from sticking to the bench and cut the gnocchi small and cook in the water. When the float they are ready. Scoop out the gnocchi into a boil with some olive oil.

– Fry the cooked gnocchi in a pan with some butter, so they crisp up a bit.

Black Garlic Beurre Blanc

– Reduce one glass of white wine with a glass of white wine vinegar, 2 bay leaves, 5 black peppercorns and some sprigs of thyme to about 100 ml is left in the pot.

– Strain the base through a sieve and bring back to the boil.

– Add about 400 ml of cream bring to the simmer and whisk in 125 gm of butter.

– If the sauce is a little runny, thicken with a little bit of cornflour.

– Smash 2 cloves of black garlic and whisk in to the sauce. Taste the sauce and add salt if needed.

Place the gnocchi on a plate, dress with the sauce and add some blanched kale leaves and dress with chopped smoked almonds, the proscuitto and some grated grana padana.



Strained Yoghurt MousseImage may contain: food

– Put 1kg of yoghurt in a teatowel, which is in a colander over-night in the fridge.

– Whisk 300 ml of cream with 2 tblsp of icing sugar and half a vanilla bean or some vanilla paste, don’t over whisk it, it should have the consistency of normal yoghurt.

– Fold through the strained yoghurt with a spatula until smooth.

Spiced Prunes

– Bring half a bottle of white wine with 100 gm of sugar to the boil with some of your favorite spices. I used star anise, clove, cinnamon, lemon zest, ginger. Dissolve the sugar and simmer for 5 minutes. Take off the heat and put in the prunes, bring to the boil again. Let simmer for 5 minutes and take off the heat.Cool down and store in a container.

– Roast the walnuts in the oven and rub off some of the husk in a teatowel.

Place the prunes on a plate, put a scoop of the yoghurt mousse with it and dress with some fennel sprigs, some chopped walnuts, zest a orange over top and take out the segments and scatter on the plate.