All year round… the Marlborough Farmers’ Market…

The long-range weather report promises a crispy sunny morning on Sunday – simply perfect for shopping and dining al fresco.  There’s plenty of market stalls to choose from and there’s great entertainment with music, kitchen demonstrations, and the kids’ tent.  Come and enjoy the freshest food & produce available on a Sunday.  What’s not to love about the Marlborough Farmers’ Market?

See you this Sunday from nine til noon at the A&P Showgrounds


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Support your local farmer and fill your basket with produce from the Marlborough Farmers Market


Traditional Country Preserves have a specials box with ends of lines, 6 month – short dated products, and some sugar free Strawberry Conserve.  Feijoa Chutney is back in stock and they hope to have more new products soon.

Small gift bon-bons are $10 each and make ideal small gifts when travelling. They also do gift baskets to order and sometimes have some at the market – contact Margaret at 0800 89 5665 and she’ll bring baskets to the market for you to choose from.


NuggetyCreek will be back this Sunday, and for those  customers that missed out on last week’s Special of Half a Pig in a Box, Melvyn will have couple of them with him this week at the same great price of $9.75 / Kg (carcass weight). Also available are his great selection of Pork Cuts, Coarse Cut Pork and Sage Sausages, Pork Salami, Dry Cured Bacon, Old Fashioned Pork Brawn, and of course the Liver and Bacon Pate’.  A wonderful selection of wild game meats are for sale at Premium Game, and delicious European style sausages at Peter the Swiss Butcher.  “Bratwurst are delicious pork sausages stuffed in natural casings. They are smoky, savory delights that are all but irresistible. The brat originated in Germany, and has since become popular the world over. They can be boiled, baked, broiled, grilled and smoked, and cooked with all kinds of ingredients, including the most popular: beer and onions. Bratwurst are simple and quick to prepare and, with a little patience, they will be juicy and perfectly cooked.”


Don’t forget … delicious fruit, veggies & produce are available weekly from Birchgrove, Field Fresh, Heaven’s Scent, Koromiko, Limrose, Mississippi Herbs, Traditional Country Preserves, Nutt Ranch, Riverina, Spudz n Greens & Windsong.




Feeling peckish?


For all you empanada-addicts Pedro will have delicious large Beef, Venison and Chicken Empanadas on offer.

Beautiful baked goods are available from deBroods with their mouthwatering choices!  What to choose, what to choose!

Feast Merchants continue to wow us each week with their inspirational every changing menu – except for the one item that’s constant, their heaven in a sandwich … the five-star Beef Royale *****

Be spoiled for choice at Gourmet Deli this week.  Try their Potato Herb Cakes with Onion Jam and Tomato, or two Poached Eggs served with Grilled Bacon, or how about the Herbed Potato Top with Sauté of Leek & Parmesan cheese topped with Poached Eggs?  Mmmm what a great start to your Sunday morning!





Cooking Demonstration


Don’t miss our weekly Cooking Demonstration from 10.30am with local Chefs cooking their favourite recipes with Farmers’ Market seasonal produce.


In the demo kitchen this week we have Melissa Rae (cake maker/decorator) from Sweet Creations NZ. She makes custom cakes for weddings, birthdays and other special occasions and also runs cake, cupcake and cookie decorating classes for both adults and children.

This week we’re in for a sweet treat with Melissa offering tips on icing cupcakes, learn different techniques and have a go yourself – discover your creative side by learning a new skill!