Your Weekly Guide to the Marlborough Farmers’ Market…

Summer time makes for a busy market. We love locals as well as tourists popping in.

The Farmers Market is a wonderful, stress free way to shop for the freshest wholesome produce under the sun.

What is so lovely is that you can also talk to the makers, find out about their philosophy and often try before you buy.

As well as minimally processed artisan products free from preservatives, and other nasties, you will find a diverse section of stalls with products for special dietary needs – vegan, gluten free and dairy free.

After a long spell without rain, we could be experiencing a few wet drops from the sky this weekend. Mind you, it’s only an 80% chance this might happen. Nevertheless, we will be there, rain or shine. You might just need to keep your umbrella on standby.

See you Sunday, 9 til noon, rain or shine

Breakfast and Brunch

We will have the usual suspects serving up deliciousness on Sunday. If you are feeling like a break from the home kitchen, come and have breakfast or brunch with us in our lovely market setting.

Rituals and Koffie will supply you with the necessary caffeine fix. Then head to either Pedros, Long Acre Farm Kitchen, Feast Merchants, Lola’s French Bakery, Peter the Swiss Butcher or the Gourmet Deli for your choice of fare.  

Pedros Empanadas

Pedro will have Medium size Seafood Empanadas as special this Sunday.

Long Acre Farm Kitchen

Select from smoky ancho pineapple and pork soft shell taco, or sesame and ginger meatballs with a kimchi mayo, or The Baconator and the Saddleback.

More Market Highlights

Mississippi herbs

What is this you ask? No, they’re not deformed or genetically modified! This is Pompom, a composite tomato and one of about 20 varieties that go to make up Mississippi Herbs’ mixed colour bags, along with Green Zebra, Yellow Roma, Sungold, Jaune Flamme, Chef’s Choice Orange, Big Red….something for everyone!

Purple Patch

It’s the last week for Red Doris plums, but there are still plenty of sunflowers and statice available.

Isobel Olives

Did you know that the olive is one of the world’s oldest crops – with records starting around 4000 BC in Greece. Back then people believed that olive oil was a gift from god and that the liquid possessed magical and medicinal qualities. The olive groves themselves were considered sacred grounds. Only chaste men and virgins were permitted to cultivate and harvest the crops.

Thank goodness that times have changed otherwise it would be hard to find harvesters in our modern world.

Come and taste our new Silver Medal Oil this week at the Farmers Market. You have a choice of Robust or Medium flavour, available in 250ml or 500ml bottles.

Long Acre Farm

Long Acre farm will have all pork cuts to for you to choose for the family or a special occasion. Nairn and Ricky’s motto: Making the good choice is easy when all our meat is free range, antibiotic and steroid free. Animal welfare is our priority. As we like to say, eat less but eat better.

The Nut Ranch

New from Nutt Ranch – their hazelnut chocolate spread now comes in a crunchy version. Made from Nutt Ranch hazelnuts and Whittakers chocolate. Contains no palm oil and is dairy free.


Kyle from Nyama will be there as usual with all the biltong flavours, Cabanossi and Dry Wors. Kyle says: “We are hoping the weather will hold. If ever we can’t make it or you can’t, visit our website as we ship too!”

Spudz n Greens

Stop here for all types of onions … white, brown & red. Also, bi-coloured corn and new seasons buttercup squash.

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