This week Lynn Stuthridge, our market manager, is talking about what’s new at the market. Lynn recently joined our staff. She says “I have always been a huge fan of the market so was honoured to be able to be a part of it”.

We asked Lynn what’s new this week

We have a new range of great tasting olive oils from Flaxbourne Estate. Leccino has a sharp bite and great for an extra kick in pasta or salads. Then there is also a Italian Blend made up of Frantoia and Leccino olives, which is very fruity with a little bit of pepper in the back of your throat at the end, great for drizzling.

Richard Dowling is back with sweet corn, bursting with flavour, unlike its commercially farmed counterparts.

Summer fruit harvest is in full swing with tree ripened peaches, nectarines, plums that taste like fruit we got when I was a child. The tree ripening makes a big difference.

Avocados have just come into season also. You’ll find no bruises on these market fruit and if you ripen them correctly, they are brilliant. Keep them in the fridge and have one or two out. They will ripen in their own time, I just bring another one from the fridge as I use the ripe ones, so I never run out.

What’s been cooking in Lynn’s kitchen?

Chicken – fry off some shallots and garlic, a chilli (Golden Mile Produce), and capsicum. Brown a couple of chicken thighs on the skin side then turn and push your shallot mix under. Add some market tomatoes, a splash of white wine, I put some olives (Isobel Olives) in and salt and pepper, cover and cook in the oven. While they’re cooking, boil up some sweet corn (R Dowling), and make a salad of zucchini.

I have some heritage zucchini in my garden, but there are plenty available at the market. Slice them thinly lengthwise, and put in a dry hot pan to cook and colour, lay them in a bowl, then dry fry some pine nuts (Pinoli), sprinkle on top, then add a burrata (Viavio) split open, and top with some greens (Marlborouigh Microgreens), to finish drizzle some olive oil (Flaxbourne), salt (our Marlborough Sea salt) and a mix of black and white pepper. Absolutely delicious, low carb, full of nutrients using farm fresh, produce without chemicals.


We hope we got your imagination and taste buds going. See you Sunday, rain or shine, from 9 til noon at A&P Showgrounds.

From our stallholders

Snailhouse Bakery

I’ll be coming on Sunday with healthy sourdough bread and freshly made probiotic red and white sauerkraut. I’m bringing a small amount of GF free, vegan, allergy friendly, fruity tea loaf. I will have Spice buns, plenty of seasonal plum cake and lots of crackers, Linzer Tart and of course the new favourite Afghans and lots more.

FRUT4U Lowes Orchard

We will be at the market on Sunday with our range of summer fruits.

From peaches and nectarines to apples and pears…don’t forget to check out the peacharines and we still have delicious, sweet strawberries too!
Andrew and Sue

Gourmet Deli Breakfast treats

  • Toasted Salmon and cream cheese bagels with poached eggs and salad $10
  • Heated croissants filled with ham, cheese with a poached egg with fresh aioli $10
  • Omega plum shortcake with whipped cream
  • Poached fresh fig and cardamon shortcake with whipped cream or yoghurt
  • Lots of other homemade delights

cheers, Margaret

Golden Mile Produce

Things are getting hot at Golden Mile Produce with our chilli selection spicing things up! We will have the sought-after Jalapenos too this Sunday and our cute little, long eggplants (Ping Tung) had their first showing at last week’s market, so get in early this week as they sold out fast!

Strawberries are still bursting with flavour, juicy and sweet. Don’t forget about our gorgeous scallopini (or patty pan squash) so many ways to cook, but delicious sliced in half, charred on the BBQ or in the sandwich press topped with a little garlic butter, YUM! 
Can’t wait to see you Sunday, Stephen and Sally

Mississippi Herbs

Mississippi Herbs

Mississippi Herbs has a good supply of basic herbs such as green basil, flat leaf and curly parsley, mint, rocket and 6-packs of coriander.
There are some less common herbs too – Thai basil, holy basil, stevia, echinacea Wild Berry, clary sage and ginger mint.
Scallopini (patty pan squash) are growing flat out, and Lebanese cucumbers are in better shape (though 3 degree nights do not help!)
Always up for a chat with people who just want to browse, and free gardening advice if I can help you with a problem.
Cheers, Leah

Back are

Hogarth and Garden Bees are back, Traditional Preserves, Devon and Marlborough Microgreens are away this Sunday.

mā te wā.

See you Sunday from 9 til noon, unless you are unwell. If you haven’t already, we invite you to follow us on FaceBook and Instagram.

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