Deck the stalls with boughs of Holly…

Yip we’re up early this Sunday morning titivating the Farmers’ Market Stalls, running the raffle, loading Santa with lollies, and ‘laughing all the way’ ready for the first footfall at 9am Christmas Eve.  Come on down to the Farmers’ Market and enjoy watching us work our Christmas Socks off while you enjoy your holiday – peruse, nibble, meet up with friends, soak up the ambience and Christmas shop country style.

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday from nine til noon at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!



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Christmas Eve Highlights


Organic juicy plums and blueberries are available from Windsong Orchard and there’s a bumper crop of strawberries saved just for the Farmers’ Market at Somerville Strawberries.

Feeling festive and frisky?  We have fresh Marlborough Sounds whole shell oysters available for a Christmas Treat from Paradise Oysters.
Pedro will have cocktail Empanadas, Spicy Beef, Venison port wine sauce, chicken and sweet basil, vegan – roasted pumpkin and re-fried beans and corn.  Heat and eat, they’re great when friends are coming or as nibbles.  Packet of 12 for just $10.
Image may contain: plant and foodEnjoy the Smoked turkey sub at Feast Merchants for a late breakfast or early lunch.  Their own smoked turkey, soft white roll, swiss cheese, cranberry mayo, iceberg and tomato.  Finish this off with a handmade peppermint truffle.
At Purple Patch this week it’s fresh green and butter beans, plums, and bouquets of sunflowers and calla lilies.
Locally grown fresh garlic, just picked red onions and broccoli, Jersey Benne and Highlander potatoes, and many more fresh vegetables are available at Spudz n Greens.
Don’t forget to buy Christmas nuts!  Riverina and Nut Ranch have wonderful ranges – great for nibbles or gifts.

Christmas mince tarts are in abundance at Gourmet-deli – and they taste fantastic!


New kids on the block – Isabel Olives

We’d like to welcome Isabel Olives to the Marlborough Farmers’ Market.  They have a delicious range of olive oil available and have some great advice on how to use olive oil – make sure you try their produce this Sunday.

Tips and Tricks with Isobel Olive oil

1). Use Isobel Olive Oil as shaving cream if you run out – it makes an amazing lubricant and your skin and your razor will love you.

2). Grease your spoons/measuring cups with Isobel Olive Oil before measuring honey or any other sticky liquid. The honey will just slide off without being wasted.

3). Half a teaspoon of Isobel Olive Oil added to your cat’s food everyday will make her coat softer and lustrous and help prevent hairballs

4). Got a cough or sore throat. Take a shot of Isobel Olive Oil. Don’t worry about the calories, Isobel Olive Oil is packed with vitamins and minerals that are good for your hair skin and digestion.

5). Use Isobel Olive Oil for taking of eye makeup instead of buying expensive eye makeup remover.

6). Take a tablespoon of Isobel Olive Oil before drinking alcohol – It will protect your liver.

7). Don’t forget to cook with Isobel EVOO – extra virgin olive oil has a high flash point.

8). Health benefits – cholesterol free, natural source of vitamins E A and K, excellent source of anti-oxidants, benefits brain function due to fatty acid and omega content, reduces the risk of strokes in elderly people.

9). Replace butter with three quarters the amount of olive oil in all your baking for a healthier option.


Rumour has it that Santa likes Kaikoura Cheese

I once enjoyed Christmas in Yorkshire – where the family I was staying with cheerfully ate cheese with their Christmas Cake.  Although it seemed a little odd to me at first, I assure you the combination tasted amazing and it’s now one of my family traditions.  You’ll be spoilt for choice this Christmas Eve as to which cheese to purchase – so I suggest buying a least three!  Kaikoura Cheese has a beautiful range available – as do Cranky Goat – what to choose, what to choose?


On the menu at Cranky Goat

FRC – Franck Raisin Cheese – Soft goats cheese rolled in raisins soaked in Grappa (Italian spirit), a great alternative to Christmas pudding and Gluten Free.
lf you’re looking for a semi-hard goat cheese for your platter; for 2 weeks only Cranky Goat has Old Tomme available with an amazing flavour, aged for 4 months.
Meet the Cranky King of cheeses The Reginald – a beautiful white rind pyramid cheese rolled in ash, and oh so tasty.
Cranky Goat’s regular scrumptious cheeses are still available too – Feta, Halloumi, Soft goats cheese, Smoked Soft Goats cheese, The Nag, The Nanny, Pelorus Pearl and the Linkwater Log.

Come and enjoy some Christmas Cheese X


Cooking Demonstration


Don’t forget to head to the mobile kitchen (next to the Busker Gazebo) at 10:30am to11:00am for our weekly Cooking Demonstration, this week we have local freelance chef Cristina Cocchi making a delicious range of Insalati.

We all know that Christmas is a time of getting together with family & friends, a perfect time for entertaining – whether it be at your house, at a potluck dinner, or the neighbourhood BBQ.  Whatever the occasion, Cristina has some great salad recipes to share with you utlising a wide range of fruits and dressings

Image may contain: foodFennel & Orange Salad with Balsamic dressing
Peach & Bacon Salad with Mint dressing
Blueberry & Feta Salad with Mustard dressing
Mango & Carrot Salad with Coriander dressing
Avocado & Strawberry Salad with Honey dressing


With bells on!