Are you going to the Marlborough Wine & Food Festival tomorrow? We wish you a festive summers day and perhaps if you’re feeling a little jaded the next morning remember we are serving fabulous brunches, and great coffee with festive music.

All of this is set amongst a slice of the countryside in town – with wonderful fresh fruit, local veggies, herbs, cheese, nuts, honey, free-range eggs, olive oil, jams & chutneys, French pates, charcuterie and European sausages, fresh baking, flowers and plants, and so much more.

While you’re browsing and shopping, brunching and munching, head over to the mobile kitchen (next to the Busker Gazebo) between 10:30am-11:00am for our cooking demo.

This week we welcome market stallholder Annette Michna-Konigstorfer of Snailhouse Bakery. She is showcasing some delicious quick dips using fresh ingredients straight from the market, accompanied by sourdough bread and crackers.

Annette says these recipes are handy for when you are entertaining guests, taking a picnic or for a potluck starter or entree.

  • Guacamole because the Avocados are ripe
  • Feta cheese herb dip with hot, spicy honey 
  • Tzaziki with cucumbers, dill and garlic
  • Perhaps pesto?

If there is time Annette will demonstrate the fastest way ever to process your garden glut into the healthiest fermented vegetables ever.

Find out more market hight lights below, including Ron’s tool tip for the kitchen and garden.

See you Sunday, 9 til noon, rain or shine

A few Market Highlights

Pedro’s cocktail Empanadas

Festival week calls for cocktail empanadas, $12 per packet of 12. A nice way to continue Pedro’s birthday.

Long Acre Farm

Finally our bacon is ready. Bring home the bacon, but only if it is Long Acre Free range bacon.  Start your grill.

New product, much requested, “ Traditional Pork Sausage”, made by Peter the Swiss Butcher.  We cannot wait to offer these up ready for you to take home.

Breakfast menu,  BLAT, Bacon butties with grilled onions,  and our breakfast brunch burger.

Traditional Country Preserves

The natural sugar free conserves, chutneys and sauces have been in high demand the last couple of weeks especially with return customers.

We are busy processing 150 kg of Richard’s Black Doris plums so we will have enough to see us through till this time next year for jam, chutney, sauce and our gold medal sugar free Plum conserve.

FRUT4U – Recycle, Reuse, BYOC (Bring your own container/bag)

Andrew and Rachel will have a range of peaches, nectarines, pears, apples, juice and strawberries – all freshly picked with stone fruit in the recyclable cardboard punnets.

Please return your punnets to be reused – they cost 45c each!  We recommend taking your fruit in the punnets to help ensure they make it home safely with minimal bruising.

If you don’t want your fruit in a plastic bag (apples/pears) then bring a bag/container of some description and we will happily bag what you want up.

We are a very busy little market stall and we try our very best to serve you as soon as possible.  We do appreciate your patience and in consideration of other customers, please do not jump the queue…

Cheers, Sue

Sharp As

It’s a busy time keeping on top of the work in the garden. Trim your hedges so you are cutting green tissue rather than letting the growth get too big and cutting into hard tissue. It’s easier on your tools and you. Cutting off dead heads in roses etc will encourage more flowering. It’s important to keep your tools sharp so the cuts are clean, not tearing, this reduces the chances of disease.

Simple Gardening Tip

Looking at how to control white fly without hard pesticides. Last year I had a bad case of whitefly in our citrus trees . This year I put garlic in a bucket and covered the garlic with water. The results are very promising and the infection we had last season has not recurred. It’s an old recipe. Interested, drop in my site at the Farmers market to discuss this method further.

Cheers, Ron

Home Made Kiwi

Alys will be at the market with Ron and her energy bars. Ideal for a high energy source for tramping, kayaking, mountain biking or if you simply want a delicious moist bar, then Muligan power bars are for you.

If you lean to a gluten free /vegan energy bar to give you energy then the hemp bar will be the energy bar for you.

Looking forward to seeing you, Alys

Mississippi Herbs

Some customers have been mentioning that their zucchini plants have not been producing any zucchinis, and that the little zucchinis wither up and fall off.

The problem is a lack of pollination. Remedies include planting more bee-friendly plants to attract pollinators to your garden, or DIY pollination using a small paint brush.

If all else fails, just come and buy your spray free zucchini and scallopini at Mississippi Herbs. Leah’s garden has over 100 different herbs and is visited by many varieties of bees and other insects, so pollination is never a problem! PS try them with Cranky Goat Haloumi.

Nutritious Microgreens

The popular mild and spicy mixes will be back. Your salads, dinners and sandwiches will look amazing, but thanks to the microgreens they will also pack a nutritious punch.

Market special: Radish Microgreens. Their green and red colouring make them a beautiful addition to any dish, and are a great topping for sandwiches, specifically a salmon burger, or try them with avocado or on your poached eggs for a bit of colour contrast and spice.

Nutritional Benefits:

Researchers have found that radish microgreens “contain up to 40 times higher levels of vital nutrients than their mature counterparts” and have high levels of Vitamin E, Vitamin K, and Vitamin C, according to WebMD. Bring your own container (to save the planet) or opt for a paper bag or takeaway container.


Ever the innovator, and keen to use seasonal, local produce, Marco has a new bread: “Figs Sourdough”. Hmm, would need to try this with Cranky Goat cheese and preserves.

Brunch with the Gourmet Deli

Sunday after match of the Wine and Food festival

  • Savoury pancakes grilled bacon, poached salmon, avocado, garden tomatoes, poached egg with basil aioli drizzled in top. $12
  • Blueberry and strawberry pancakes whipped cream and Kippilaw House honey $8
    Vibrant purple red plum shortcakes absolutely breathtakingly tastier $6.50 with lashings of cream.
  • Salmon omelette with chives $12

This week’s recipe, Anti-Oxidant Smoothie

1 cup vanilla almond milk
½ frozen banana
½ cup blueberries
1 handful mild mix microgreens

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See you this Sunday from 9am – 12pm at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!