Santa Claus is comin’ to town…

This Sunday we’re showcasing plenty of festive cheer

The freshest food in town for your dinner plate

Santa Claus is coming to the market

Four yummy hampers to be won

Beautiful artisan gift ideas

And don’t miss out on your last chance for the freshest summer berries before Christmas at our Christmas Market Sunday 23 December

Cherry Christmas

PS warning, bumper edition Christmas newsletter

See you Sunday, 9 til noon, rain or shine


Mums, dads, grandparents, make sure you bring the kids this Sunday for a chance to meet Santa.

We will also be drawing the raffle, for four chances to win wholesome Farmers Market goodies. Moneys raised will go towards our kid’s area.

Merry, cherry fruit

Summer fruit

The market is brimming with summer fruit. Organic juicy plums and blueberries, peaches, nectarines, cherries, juicy plums, strawberries, boysenberries and oranges. Plenty to choose from to laden the pavlova, add to the trifle and graze on between meals this holiday.

Sommerville Orchard

Go early to get your juicy strawberries and boysenberries at the Christmas market from Sommerville, the crop is weather permitting of course, but here’s hoping for plenty for everyone.


Merry Christmas from the FRUT4U team.

  • Peaches…Maycrest…delicious yellow flesh, sweet and juicy.
  • Nectarines…Early Red 2…yellow flesh and Artic Glow…white flesh.

Please take care while out and about, enjoy your time off with family and friends and see you all again next week, Sue and Andrew

Breakfast and brunch for the whole family

Your favourite food stalls will be sustaining you through your market shopping activities, and while you wait for Santa.

Long Acre Kitchen, the Gourmet Deli, Feast Merchants, The Swiss Butcher, and Pedros will be there to fill hungry tummies.

Long Acre Kitchen menu

  • Off the grill, bacon buttie, or go The Full Hog, Long Acre Farm bacon, Koromiko egg poached, grilled  tomato  and our potato rosti.
  • The Saddleback burger, big enough to share, crumbed pork, bacon, lettuce, tomato and cheese, bring an appetite.

Gourmet Deli

Breakfast time served on porcelain plates real knives and forks.

  • Fresh salmon omelette with aioli $12
  • Bacon, eggs and grilled tomatoes on bubble and squeak $12
  • Christmas mince shortcake with blueberries and cream. $6.00

Peter The Swiss Butcher

  • Swiss Gourmet Hot Dog
  • European Curry Wurst – sausage and sauerkraut in a bowl (GF)

Christmas baking, breads and cupcakes

Snowdog Confectionery

Stop by Snowdog Confectionery for delightful Christmas themed cupcakes.

Terri will take orders up until Christmas Eve. Choose from a dozen mixed (see picture) or any combination of the 4. Flavours available include: lemon, salted caramel, strawberry, gingerbread, dark choc orange and vanilla pudding. Delivery available and free on Christmas Eve

Snail House Bakery

Last chance to get your healthy sourdough bread and the ever favourite cinnamon snails and a special chocolate babka, some German Stollen and lots of other bits and bobs …ah yes chia seed crackers of course…this year.

The elves have been busy building new homes too. Here is a sneak preview…They have not quite finished their houses yet but they definitely will be taking them to the market on Sunday they have told Annette…

Lola’s French Bakery

For Christmas, Lola’s French Bakery saves you a trip to Paris !!!!

Discover and try our yummy and genuine French pastries!

And this Sunday if you spend more than $40, we offer a you a Christmas cookie.

Gourmet deli Christmas delight

Gourmet-deli will have many different sized Christmas Cakes for sale at the market this Sunday. Full of soaked mixed fruit, butter, and eggs, also their delicious handmade Christmas fruit mince tarts; Mini 12 for $12 and Midi 12 for $18.

Meat and Fish for Christmas lunch and the holidays

Long Acre Farm

Christmas special: two juicy pork chops for $7, we still have our pork mince to add to your favourite burger recipe and our other cuts to treat yourself and your family over the holidays.

Remember buying free range, hormone and antibiotic free meat must be a good decision for the family, eat less but eat better.

Peter the Swiss Butcher

Specialty cured meats made with Peter’s European recipes are great for the antipasto platter. Grass fed, NZ born and raised, Peter uses only the best cuts for his tasty products.

These meats team up well with cheese and condiments available from the market.

Don’t forget to stock up on essential sausages for the BBQ. They are MSG and Gluten free.

  • Bresaola
  • Coppa
  • Prosciutto
  • Chicken Paté
  • Landjaeger
  • A special, limited Christmas edition The Morehu salami made with Kaikoura Cheese TheMorehu. $20 per salami.
  • Bratwurst (GF) and Cervelat (GF, DF) sausages 

Ngamahau Fishery

Add the latest catch of fresh Cook Straight caught fish to your shopping list.

Nyama Bilton

We will still have some of our Xmas Biltong Bags available.

  • 100g Traditional Biltong sliced
  • Garlic Biltong Sliced
  • 50g Whisky Lime Chilli Sticks
  • 50g Teriyaki Lemon Pepper sticks 
  • 50g Hot Chilli Sticks
  • 50g whole traditional biltong
  • 1 x 30cm Smoked Cabanossi sausage

More Christmas Market highlights

The Purple Patch

Say it with flowers this Christmas. This week from the Purple Patch:

  • lovely sunflowers
  • more gorgeous callas
  • calla lily pots and
  • sweet plums

Mabel’s English Pork Pies

Freshly made single-helping English Pork Pies made by Marsley from her grandmother Mabel’s recipe. If you wish to purchase a whole or part of a large Gala Pie, please pre-order for pick up at the Market. Find Marsley at the Community Stall next to Lola’s bakery.

Isobel Olives

Just in: new seasons cold pressed Olive Oil in 250ml gift size bottles. We are delighted to share our silver medal winners from the annual Olive NZ national competition with you.

  • Delicate Blend new season, 250ml
  • Silver Medal Medium Blend, new season, 250ml
  • Silver Medal Robust Blend, new season, 250ml
  • Christmas special:  Delicate 500 and 750ml bottles.

We also have a new colour lipbalm called Sunrise, a coral colour which is proving very popular.

See you on Sunday.

Traditional Country Preserves

Margaret has last minute gifts for you:

  • Bon-bons from $10 plus baskets from $30 but bein quick as we sold out of some sizes very quickly last week.
  • Most of the favourites are still in stock as wehave been working long hours to replenish stock.
  • Gluten free Gourmet Christmas cakes are also available.

My grand daughters have been helping during the holidays, and Alice will be helping on the stall on Sunday.

I would like to wish all our customers a great Christmas and look forward to seeing you enjoying 2019.

Mississippi Herbs

Have you thought of giving a herb plant as a gift? Mississippi Herbs has an assortment of large pots – sweet basil, basil trio (Thai basil, Greek mini and Red Rubin) or a trio of herbs – for a long lasting and useful present.

There is still a good range of herb plants to fill the gaps in your garden and help the bees.

Merry Cherry Christmas

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See you this Sunday from 9am – 12pm at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!