February is here tomorrow which means we are only days away from one of our region’s biggest event weeks with the Marlborough Wine & Food Festival on Sat 8 Feb. For those of you looking to extend the celebrations, we hope you can make the Farmers’ Market part of your activities. We are also here for you to help you with your culinary needs, so that you have all the yummy ingredients at hand to entertain friends and family coming to stay.

Last week must have been one of our busiest markets in 2020, with the amazing Solomon Island Pipe band performing. This week we are hosting NMIT’s Don Cross, who will be giving a demonstration on propagation, where our demo kitchen usually is. Whether you have green fingers or not, stop by to check out the courses NMIT offers this semester.

We have a lot of good happening. Annette is continuing her Australian fundraising effort this Sunday with special Koala buns. Pedro turns 21 (can you believe it?), he’s got a nice special to celebrate this milestone.

Fig lovers need to check out Mangarua Figs who will be at the market this week with several plump varieties. Also back are mighty microgreens, located next to Lola’s French Bakery.

With stone fruit in high season, Windsong boast eight types of plums, and we still have strawberries too. As you know, we also have plenty of veggies, carnivore and vegan protein, milk, honey, olive oil, nuts, preserves, and other goodies to wow your taste buds. Anything to keep you fit and healthy, and your family fed – from the farm gate to your dinner plate.

Find out more market highlights below, including garden tool tips.

See you Sunday, 9 til noon, rain or shine

A few Market Highlights

Brunch with our food trucks

Gourmet-deli Sunday breakfast brunch special 

  • Strawberry blueberry pancakes with Kipplaw House honey and cream $8
  • Grilled bacon, avocado, poached egg and salmon pancake drizzled with our own lemon aioli $10
  • Salmon omelette $12

Pedro’s Empanadas turns 21

Can you believe it? Pedro`s Empanadas turns 21. Pedro will be celebrating this milestone with a special: 3 empanadas for $5.00.

Pedro says it all started when he had his restaurant “La Bamba” in Christchurch in 1989. There he had the empanadas on his menu. When he sold it five years later to start his  catering business in Ferry Rd Christchurch he used to supply them to Anssett Air Line. And now we are lucky to have him at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market. Happy Birthday Pedro.

Back at the market – Microgreens

After a brief absence, microgreens are back next to Lola’s French Bakery.

Sunday’s Market Special – Sunflower shoots

Sunflower Microgreens offer one of the most balanced forms of a complete plant protein on the planet. They provide all the essential amino acids and help to repair muscle tissue while supporting the enzymes of the body. Sunflower shoots also contain high levels of antioxidants, aerfect choice for all fitness and health fanatics.

How to use them? With their refreshing crunch with a hint of nuttiness and lemon they are a “salad’s secret weapon” (New York Times). Add them to salads, burgers or eat on their own or throw them into your favourite smoothie recipes.

  • This week’s fresh spray free offerings:
  • Coriander microgreens (intense flavour, compared to their adult counterparts)
  • Sandwich mix: Pea tendril microgreens and sunflower shoots
  • Spicy mix:  Radish, Broccoli, Red Kale, Red Cabbage micro greens, and sunflower shoots
  • Mild mix: Broccoli, Red Kale, Red Cabbage micro greens, and sunflower shoots
  • New Zealand Spinach
  • Dandelion & Chickweed
  • Edible flowers
  • Whole walnuts (crack your own, and retain the freshness)

Refreshing dairy free Sorbet

Summer is not complete without the occasional frozen treat. We have quite a few dairy options at the market, but did you know that Delicia also have a dairy free sorbet? If Mango and Ginger tickles your fancy, just let them know if you’d like it in a tub or cone. They’re located next to the Gourmet Deli.

SnailHouse Bakery

Annette is coming with all the favourites, slow risen sourdough bread, a few cakes, crackers, cinnamon scrolls of course and once more the koala buns for a fundraising effort for the Australian wildlife.

“Having made $150!!! last time I think we can do it once again. Thank you everyone for your support”. Annette.


Minghetti will bring to the market for the 1st time a Hemp & Chia seeds Magnum.

ShapAs Tool Tip

There are many machines for grinding up your prunings on the market [chippers]. It’s important to keep these blades sharp, because as they wear it takes more effort for the machine to cut through the prunings, which puts wear onto the motor. Also like all cutting edges, once they loose sharpness, it takes more effort at the edge to cut and the wear factor increases and the life of the blade is greatly reduced. “At SharpAs I have a surface grinder for doing commercial and handyman chipper blades,” says Ron. “Meet me at the Farmers’ Market if you have any queries.” SharpAs also does removal and replacement of these blades if required.

Herb of the week by Mississippi Herbs

Lemon basil

Use lemon basil anywhere you would use basil and lemon flavours, like salad dressings, sauces, butters, herbal vinegar, chicken or fish, in baked goods, with fruit and in beverages. Add a handful to pork, seafood or vegetable stir-fry just before the end of cooking. As with all basils, add at the end of cooking. Get yours from Mississippi herbs this Sunday.

Long Acre Farm

Nairn and Rick have fresh pork for sale – all cuts available. “Also not forgetting our four-legged companions I have tasty, crunchy ears for sale”, says Nairn.

In the kitchen Nairn and Rick will be cooking up bacon butties, BLAT, and the infamous Saddle back brunch burger. Bring an appetite and pair it with a Long Acre homemade ginger beer, can we say, better than Mum’s?

Golden Mile Produce

Have the aliens landed in a Golden Mile Produce paddock? They have left their little UFO’s behind. They aren’t ev’s but they are definitely vegan & vegetarian friendly! Scallopini’s or patty pan squash have landed!

Check them out this Sunday along with magnificent strawberries – sweet juicy, simply bursting with flavour brought on by this beautiful Marlborough sunshine!

Unable to attend this Sunday

Unfortunately Mabel’s Pork Pies and Cultivate will not be at the market this Sunday. We hope to have them back the following week.

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See you this Sunday from 9am – 12pm at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!