This Sunday we have a treat in store with the Blenheim & Districts Highland Pipe Band, Scottish Country Dancers and Highland Dancers entertaining at the market.

Christmas Markets

Christmas is only weeks away, and we will be open for a special Christmas market.

  • Christmas Market: Wednesday 23 December from 1-4PM
  • Sunday 27 December 9 til noon
  • Sunday 3 January 9 til noon

“Let’s Celebrate St Andrew’s Day this Sunday”

We are excited to announce the Blenheim & Districts Highland Pipe Band will be entertaining us at Farmers Market this Sunday 29th November, to commemorate St Andrew’s Day the following day on 30th November.

St Andrew is the Patron Saint of Scotland.

As well as the Highland Pipe Band, there will also be performances by local Scottish Country Dancers and Highland Dancers.

Another highlight will be a traditional Haggis Ceremony as part of the celebration. The Haggis Ceremony is a traditional celebration and “blessing” of sorts prior to the cutting into the haggis.

Are you familiar with haggis? If not, it is a dish using the least expensive cuts of meat and innards of a sheep combined with herbs, spices, onions and oats. Traditionally, all the ingredients are stitched inside the sheep’s stomach as a vessel, then boiled long & slow. These days artificial casings can be used – it depends on who is making it.

The haggis is ceremoniously piped into the venue. An address to the haggis is recited (A Robert Burns poem citing the importance of the dish). Towards the end of the address to the haggis is a line in the poem instructing the recitee to cut into the haggis, after which a whisky toast is made, then the haggis is available for all to eat.


9am-10am – Band Performances including full band, solos, duos and drum salute

10am-10.30am – Highland Dancers

10.30am – Haggis Ceremony

11am -11.30am – Scottish Country Dancers including a participation dance

11.30am-12pm – Band performance

Whole morning

  • ‘have a go’ on the pipes & drums.
  • Members of Clan Menzies, Clan Johnstone & Clan Campbell will have information about their respective Clans and what sort of activities they get up to. They will also be able to help any members of the public (you) who may be interested in finding out about their own Clan(s).

mā te wā.

See you Sunday from 9 til noon, unless you are unwell. If you haven’t already, we invite you to follow us on FaceBook and Instagram.

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