This Sunday we’re back at our usual home of the A&P Park, after a wet stint at the Garden Marlborough fete. The weather is looking perfect. We’ve got Traditional Country Preserves and Annette back, Drop the BEET is moving to a site next to Delicia Craft Gelato, Devon and Spudz n Greens are away. We welcome new stall holders Rood Food with hand crafted chicken pate, the new owners of Sommerville, and Rasmussen Garden with heirloom vegetable seedlings.

We’re in between growing seasons, but the first tomatoes will be at the market on Sunday. More strawberries are ripening also. Did you know, we now have three strawberry growers at the market?

This week’s musical entertainment is brought to you by Zara Spiers, while the Chrysler Car club is bringing their iconic cars to the market.

If you’re looking for something to do with friends and family in your brilliant Marlborough backyard, come and join us at the Brilliant Backyard Expo this Saturday. Details further below.

See you Sunday, rain or shine, from 9 til noon at A&P Showgrounds.

Iconic Chrysler Valiant Chargers on display

This Sunday you get a chance to get up close and personal with the Chrysler Valiant Charger. For those who were around in the 1970’s, you’ll recall that the Chrysler Valiant Charger was a two door hardtop coupe introduced by Chrysler Australia in 1971.

Holding their annual Nationals this weekend in Blenheim, members of The Chrysler Road/Truck (R/T) 6 Pack Owners Club are displaying their cars at our market.

The owners are passionate about early 1970’s Australian Valiant Chargers, especially those that were built to race. With the catch phrase “Hey Charger”, the cars were icons of the 1970’s, with many motoring journalists calling it the best-looking coupe out of Australia.

The Club meets annually to celebrate the marque and more importantly to ensure the model is preserved by encouraging and assisting in the acquisition, preservation and maintenance of these vehicles.

Club members have several events planned over the weekend and if want to get up close and personal with the cars, check them out at the Farmers’ Market on Sunday 15 November from 9.30am onwards.

The Brilliant Backyard Expo

Looking for something to do during summer with your family and friends?

The Brilliant Backyard Expo is happening on Saturday 14th November! Lots to see and epic prizes to be won! Head along and start planning your summer activities across the brilliant Marlborough region. The Farmers’ Market will be there too.

When: Saturday 14th November 11am – 4pm 
Where: The Marlborough Convention Centre 

Check out the Facebook event here for more information! 

More News from our producers

Mississippi Herbs

Mississippi Herbs

Herb plants are in good supply, and, for those who look at planting by the moon, the coming week (Nov 12-20) is an ideal time to plant, especially heat loving plants such as thyme and sage. Basil is still awaiting really warm weather but can be planted in a sheltered sunny spot. The recent rain will have soaked in nicely and some sun will have your plants shooting away!

Traditional Country Preserves

I will be at the market for the next 2 weeks but am away November 29.

I have new seasons honey from both Alice’s and Dion’s hives and also a range of Christmas gift baskets. Baskets can be ordered for Christmas or other occasions and can be picked up from the stall or couriered to most parts of New Zealand. Hoping to catchup with everyone Sunday after being away in Christchurch.


Back with spray free tomatoes this Sunday.

Three Cats

Back on Sunday after a wet Garden Marlborough with all the usual suspects.
Sarah and Alex

Isobel Olives

We’ve got Christmas gifts ideas that you can view at the stall. Remember to bring your bottle for a ‘fill your own’. $20 for a 750ml is good value but stock is running low so don’t miss out.

My certified silver medal extra virgin olive oil comes in 3 intensities of flavour – delicate, medium and robust. 250ml bottles make a good present and 500ml bottles a bigger present. Koroneiki oil is a single variety Greek olive which comes in a 400ml elegant corked and sealed bottle – a rare oil and a special present for someone special. Come and taste the 3 oils and choose what flavour you like.

Snail House Bakery

All the favourites will be there. The German rye sourdough is made with fresh milled organic rye and a little wheat from Canterbury. The Linzer tart with hazelnuts from the Nutt Ranch, and Koromiko eggs.

There will be a wheat free cake option. Country loaves with fresh milled organic purple wheat and rye, sprouted superseed bread , chia seed crackers and of course the best cinnamon snails in town!

Cookies, wheat and sugar free beetroot brownies, Brezel, apple strudel as well! Also a lot! of cherry pie as it sells so fast!

Natural Microgreens

NZ Spinach has a flush of spring growth, so there will be a few bags available from the Community Stall. Not a usual customer, I also bring to the market weekly greens for pet bunny rabbits and guinea pigs. They enjoy fine, spray free produce too.

Sharp AS Tool Tip

I was given a very interesting knife to sharpen. On a trip in a remote area of North Vietnam where knife owner Jenny was touring on a motorbike, she came across a market where this knife was being made. Cost $5. Unfortunately, Jenny had her pack stolen with all her documents so by the time all the officials were paid and other expenses, total cost ended up at $700! However it is such a great knife to use, Jenny thinks it well worth it.

If you have any interesting knives drop into the Farmers’ Market, I would be interested to see them. Remember at this busy time of year if it’s got an edge to sharpen see me at the Farmers Market.
cheers Ron

mā te wā.

See you Sunday from 9 til noon, unless you are unwell. If you haven’t already, we invite you to follow us on FaceBook and Instagram.

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