See you Sunday at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market…


Happy School Holidays!!!

Whilst you enjoy shopping & brunching we can keep the children entertained at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market with delicious tastings, a muffin from Traditional Country Preserves, or a face paint with James.  We look forward to seeing you these holidays.

From 9am – 12noon at the Sheep Pavilion, A&P Showgrounds



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Why we love our customers


daniel-cheese-favourite-customerDaniel at Kaikoura Cheese has a five-star client.  A year ago he travelled to Auckland to only discover upon arrival that he’d left his wallet at home in Marlborough.  Ever optimistic he thought “No worries, I’m bound to bump into someone who’ll help me out”.  Sure enough after he disembarked the plane he spotted one of his regular Marlborough Farmers’ Market customers.  After explaining his plight she kindly offered him $50.  Following his successful trip he returned the money with a cheese bonus. No sooner did Daniel tell me his ‘Luckiest Salesman Ever’ story when coincidentally the very same customer arrived at his stall to buy his cheese!

When I asked her about the story she modestly said “I was happy to do it because the thank you cheese was delicious!”


If you’d like a Market bonus or discount you might like to know we offer customers an alternative to lending Daniel money!!!  Our Locavore Membership offers weekly discounts, no fees for Eftpos withdrawals, and a free Marlborough Farmers’ Market shopping bag when you join at the Information Stall (annual fee $35).



Reducing your Carbon Footprint


buy-localBy shopping locally you are reducing your carbon footprint – and we appreciate that.  Some locals choose to reduce it even further by taking the healthy exercise option too – biking or walking down to see us – that’s fantastic!  Another good tip is to avoid accepting plastic bags – bring your own basket or buy a Marlborough Farmers’ Market shopping bag (just $6, or get one free when you join our Locavore Membership).


Although dogs are not allowed at the Market we do provide a ‘Pooch Park’ if you’d like to bring your furry companion on your shopping trip.  And of course the dog rolls at Premium Game Meat are super nutritious, great for improving coat condition and for pets with allergies.





School Holiday Highlights


spudz-stallNuggetyCreek Farm are repeating their whopping 20% DISCOUNT SPECIAL on all Pork Cuts excluding bacon, gammon and sausages. On a nice Sunny Evening try a Pork Belly or Loin Rack on the BBQ!

Spring brings an abundance of cheer and produce.  There’s a plethora of fresh cut flowers to choose from at Field Fresh and Purple Patch and a wonderful choice of fresh fruit, nuts and vegetables at several stalls.

Do try the delicious jams and chutneys at Traditional Country Preserves .   My pick of the week is the Gourmet Cassis Mixed Berry Jam and I simply can’t believe there’s no sugar in the Sugar Free Raspberry & Apple Conserve – it’s so delicious.

The weather’s warming up and we’re moving out of the Sheep Pavilion and back outside on 2nd October.  You can look forward to more stalls joining the Market outdoors and we simply can’t wait to try Banjo Brews Blueberry Elderflower Kombucha – it recently won First Prize at the National Farmers’ Market Awards.  The cooking demonstrations will start then too – beginning with Josh from Local Harvest Café.




Recipe of the week … Lamingtons


Each week Feast Merchants have a delicious selection of home baking available.  Last week Lamingtons… here’s a quick and easy recipe from The Edmonds Cook Book if you’d like impress guests and make your own.



200g sponge block

2 Tbl cocoa

6 Tbl boiling water

25g butter melted

2 ¼ cups icing sugar

¼ tsp vanilla essence



For the icing: Dissolve cocoa in boiling water and combine with the butter.  Sift icing sugar into a bowl.  Add cocoa mixture.  Add vanilla and stir until well combined.

Make or purchase sponge the day before required.  Cut sponge into 4cm squares.  Dip each square in the Chocolate Icing.  Roll in coconut.  Leave to dry.  Makes 20.