Cooking Demo Sunday 11th with Annette.

Story of Pizza

Flat bread evolved into pizza with the use of tomato sauce as topping.

The tomato was brought into Europe in 16th century from America and it was believed to be poisonous for almost 2 centuries. In fact it was around 18th century that poor citizens of Naples and surrounding areas began to add tomato on top of flat bread. Soon became really popular as visitors to Naples ventured into the poorer areas of the city to try the new food.

The ‘marinara’ pizza is the oldest variety having as topping tomato sauce, garlic, olive oil and oregano. It’s name means seaman’s wife and it was the plate prepared by fisherman’s wives for their husbands returning from the sea.

In 1889 a pizza baker, under the request of Queen Margherita, added cheese and basil to create a pizza with the colors of the Italian flag; in her honor was after called Pizza Margherita.



2 tsp dry yeast

1 tsp sugar

350 ml warm water (37 C)

500 g white flour

1.5 tsp salt


  1. Take a small jug. Fill with 150 ml of warm water. Add the yeast and the sugar and leave untouched for 5 minutes.
  2. After measuring the Flour, make a well shape with it and pour the yeast and the rest of the water.
  3. Sprinkle the salt on the outside of the well.
  4. Start mixing with a fork until workable by hand and start kneading with your hand to obtain an elastic dough.
  5. Put the dough into a bowl, cover with a damp cloth and leave to rise in a warm place until it double in size (about 90 min).
  6. Deflate the dough and shape into small balls (120 g for  person pizza) and leave again to rise for 20-30 min.
  7. Roll the dough in pizza shape, top with favorite toppings and cook 225 C until cooked through.

        Enjoy Hot!!! See you all at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market this Sunday.


Kids Corner.

New to the market in the coming weeks will be our Kids Corner.

Kids Picnic tables, swing ball, quoits, backyard Jenga & blackboards are some of the items that will be introduced.

So bring the Kids down for a great Sunday at your local Farmers’ Market.

Hot weather = Juice!

With the hot weather fast approaching, take time to grab a nice cold juice from ‘Seasons’

With great flavors like the ”Green Zinger” which are made on site, it will be enough to quench anyone’s thirst!

COOKING DEMO Sunday 18th October.


W/ Julia Davidson from Julia’s Herbal Health


Subject: Herbs and dried fruit in the kitchen


Variety of different hummus

4 Cups dried chick peas

Juice of four lemons

500 ml Lussatori olive oil

Herb yeast salt from Julia’s Herbal Health

1 Cup of sun dried tomatoes

1 Cup of toasted hazelnuts from the market

1 Cup of feta cheese from Cranky Goat

1 Cup of walnuts

Crackers from Mississippi Herbs

Mix Fresh herbs

Bliss Balls

8 Cups of dried fruit apricots , pitted dates, raisins

4 Oranges

1 packet of Riverina almonds

1 packet of Nutt Ranch toasted hazelnuts

1 packet of desiccated coconut

Info about dishes:

Hummus is an Arabic word meaning “chickpeas”. This dish first appeared in 13th century as spread or dip made with a chickpeas base, lemon, oil and herbs. Only later tahini was added to it to make the commonly hummus we find on the market today.

Science is showing that if we eat primarily fruits and vegetables, fish, whole grains, beans and nuts we will live longer, healthy lives.

Bliss balls are fantastic as a healthy alternative to lollies for kids (and big kids). Just remember that most bliss balls do contain a lot of dried fruit and nuts so are a concentrated form of nutrients.

 Mussels Empanadas, yum!

This week Pedro is showcasing Chilli Mussel Empanadas, come and try them at the market. Pedro’s cheese empanadas are big favourites with kids and the beef empanadas are popular with adults, he’s got lots of choices of flavours for you to get your taste buds into. Fresh gluten free pasta: Fettuccine and Spaghetti 300 gm packet for $5.00 are also available for sale.


Bring on the BBQ weather!! We are so excited at Premium Game that the sun is out, fine days mean no more cold hunting trips and lots of opportunities for yummy BBQ’s with friends and family. We will be selling some basic BBQ packs to make it easier for everyone to just grab their meat and go! See you all on Sunday!

PICTON VILLAGE BAKERY – It’s all about the Sour Dough!

Picton Village Bakery hand crafted sour dough breads are all preservative free.

We use flour grown in New Zealand and are now milling or own stone ground wholemeal flour in our Picton Bakery.

Pete the baker is onsite at the market to answer any questions you may have regarding Sour dough Bread and its health benefits.

We will also have our special Gluten Free/ Dairy Free Bread. Come on down and try our samples.

See you Sunday.

GOURMET DELI – Savory and Sweet breakfasts!

Asparagus and Edam cheese omelettes. $10

Fresh salmon and spring onion omelette $12

Spinach,feta potato cake either poached eggs and chutney $10

Home- made pork chorizo sausage on bubble and squeak with 2 poached eggs $10

Roasted Strawberry shortcake and cream $5.00

Pavlova roll with lemon curd and strawberries $8.00

Fresh Pan-au-chocolat from Gourmet-deli kitchen $4.00