It’s been HOT. We think temperatures may be a bit cooler this Sunday. The forecast promises 24 degrees. Yay, there is even a wee cloud in sight.

To stay hydrated while at the market, help yourself to water at our water station. For a chilled bevvy the Ritual cart will have locally brewed Kombucha available.

This surely will make strolling the stalls for the weekly shop more pleasant. And of course we would love for you to stay and enjoy breakfast. Grab some shade for yourself and your littlies in our kiddies shade area.

See you Sunday, 9 til noon, rain or shine

Breakfast and brunch

We’ve got a mouth-watering menu for you this week .

Gourmet Deli


Margaret is bringing an Asian inspired menu to the market this Sunday.

Chicken coriander dumplings on sushi rice with dipping sauce $10

Prawn and ginger dumplings $10

Roasted strawberry and fresh blueberry pancakes with honey and cream $8

Vegetable Spring rolls with sushi rice and dipping sauce $8


Ricotta cherry tart with Pistachio Praline and cream $5

Pistachio yoghurt and cardamom cake $5

Poached Apricot shortcake and cream $5

Long Acre Farm

Long Acre Farm Kitchen with be cooking,

Pork al pastor taco,

French toast and bacon,

bacon butty, and our popular

Saddleback burger.

The Swiss Butcher

Gourmet European sausages from the BBQ in a bun

Curry Sausage in a bowl (GF)

More Market Highlights

New cheese monger at the market

You may have heard of award-winning Thorvald sheep cheese and A2 Cows Milk Cheese? They are made by Little River, and they will be joining us at the market for the rest of the year.

These two incredible brands work very closely with Cranky Goat Cheese. So close in fact, that you will see Hannah at the new stand. Yes, she is moving stalls.

Hannah’s New Year’s Resolution: EAT MORE CHEESE!

Come and get expert cheeseboard advice from her on these incredible Nelson cheeses.

No longer will you have to search for cheeses to complement each other on a cheese board as you can now get a huge variety of three different milks!

Nut Ranch

Too good for the dogs?

There is a new flavour dog biscuit at the Nut Ranch. It’s called Minty Peas, made from a hazel base with pureed peas and fresh mint from the garden.

These dog biscuits are made from the Nut Ranch’s lovely hazelnuts. They contain no funny stuff, no gluten, no sugar, basically making them fit for a paleo diet. Some reckon they are good enough for human consumption, Georgina says after sharing that some humans buy them for themselves from her Nelson market stall. So if you follow a special wholefoods diet, you might find them too good for your dogs too.

These yummy dog biscuits come in six different flavours: fresh thyme, pumpkin & rosemary, apple & cinnamon, vegemite, carrot & parsley.

Long Acre Farm

Need some meet? Don’t forget to get your favourite free-range pork cuts for the week and stop by for breakfast. The long acre kitchen menu is in our brunch section above.

Purple Patch

Stop here for Red Doris plums – a firm good keeper which is very good for children’s lunches – and fresh spray-free green and butter beans.

Colin and Judy also have pretty statice – use fresh or dry for long life. Prefer sunflowers? Bring rays of sunshine indoors with gorgeous sunflowers. Judy says they are maturing quickly in the heatwave. Look out for good prices on them.

Community Stall

The community stall is your stop for Eftpos and the newspaper. As well as being a good source for sun hats, farmers market shopping bags, and other nick-knacks, the stall is home to artisan preserves, Mabels English Pork Pies, spray free Swiss Chard, herbs and New Zealand Spinach. There may even be some early season pears for sale.

Wanted, preferably alive

We are on the lookout for local chefs, nutritionists, dieticians who want to share their foodie knowledge and raise their profile.

You may have stopped by the market’s regular cooking demos in the past. We love sharing new recipes, nutritional information and other food facts with the market visitors.

Now it’s your chance to shine a light on your foodie flair. You might be a chef, nutritionist, dietician, own a café or food business, or teacher, and love sharing your general knowledge about food.

Think you might be interested in joining the demo team?

Also, if you love to cook and are passionate about the market and local food perhaps you would like to be part of the team in the kitchen. This is an ideal opportunity for an aspiring, passionate, creative, local with flair in the kitchen. You don’t need to be a qualified chef; a good home cook would fit the bill.

For more information email us or talk to Karen at the info stall.

PS: If you haven’t already, don’t forget to join us on FaceBook.

See you this Sunday from 9am – 12pm at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!