BIG NEWS. It’s our first outdoor market on Sunday 6 October. Whoohoo. It’s what we have all been looking forward to.

It’s also first time back for some more stall holders. Welcome back Gourmet Deli, Mabels English Pork Pies, and Garden Bees. It also means that our fortnightly stalls are now back each week.

Others who have recently joined us again are Verve flowers, Hedgerows strawberries, and Nut Ranch.

Hedgerow Strawberries at the Marlborough Farmers Market
Hedgerow Strawberries

During Summer we will be treating you to our informative, fortnightly cooking demos again. We are looking for more professional chefs, talented home chefs and foodies who would like to give it a go. If that’s you, please get in touch with us by email or talk to us at the information stall.

Last week we had extra special flash mob entertainment by a Children’s Choir on tour in Blenheim. They had a lot of fun performing and received brilliant applause. They told us it was great for the girls to help build their confidence. If you missed it, watch it by following this link.

October is cheese month which means Cranky Goat have treats for you in store. A number of other stall holders have specials for you too. Read on to find out what’s happening at individual stalls this Sunday.

The recipe this week is a sugar and dairy free ice cream provided by Isobel Olives.

Market Specials

Traditional Country Preserves

Traditional Country preserves will have ½ price sales table. These are end of lines, short dated or other oddments to make way for our Christmas products.

Margaret says: “We put an 18-month best before date but know they are fine for 3 years so no problem with them”.

We are taking orders for baskets and can combine other stall holders items in baskets if required as long as they are not perishable.

Koromiko Free Range Eggs

Georgina and Jimmy are running a special on Sunday for the size 6 dozens. These will be $5 per dozen. Size 6 is the middle range size, perfect for baking and poaching. 

Isobel Olives

You can now fill your own bottle of oil at the market. Clean empty bottles are available for $2 if you forget to bring one.

Our Medium oil is on special.

We have a new range of Beeswax Wraps fabrics and we have finally been able to source some ever popular cat fabrics.

Cranky Goats

October is NZ Cheese Month

Cranky Goat will have some amazing specials on their cheeses throughout October. This week The Lynton and Pelorus Pearl are on special for $7 each reduced from $12. Cranky Goat will also have their full range of cheese available at the market.

As it’s cheese month Barkers are holding a competition for your favourite NZ Cheese company. Cranky Goat would love your vote. Please click on this link and vote for Cranky Goat. You could be in to win a Barkers Hamper.

More highlights from our stall holders

Snailhouse Bakery

Annette will have German rye bread, superseed, cinnamon snails, Babkas, crackers and Linzer tart, the coconut Pani Popos where very popular last week so they will be back, plum pie and gluten free apple cake to name just a few.

Golden Mile Produce

Formerly known as Stephen’s Onions and Shallots, you will find a growing range of fresh, local and delicious produce at their stall as you enter the market from Alabama Road.

This week Stephen and Sally will be featuring a selection of 6 different living lettuce varieties. They have their roots still attached so that you can just place them in a small bowl of water at home and pluck the leaves as required while the lettuce continues to grow.


Minghettis is coming to the market as always with the usual range of Sourdoughs with the new established dark rye & quinoa and an increased amount of the pumpkin seed bar that is selling so well.


David Harwood Asparagus

Stop here for tender fast growing asparagus shoots


A common complaint about eating healthy is that it’s hard to do while travelling, not so with dehydrated food. It is fully portable. You have healthy, non-messy snacks ready to grab-n-go making them easy to take with you anywhere.

Who needs fast food when you can have nutritious dried fruits, veggies and all sorts of good foods like our soup packs and Green Monster Smoothies, with you all the time.

So … take them with you on holiday, tramping, in the caravan, fishing, hiking, cycling or to work for a convenient, and healthy quick snack.



Sharp gardening tools are as important to good gardening as sharp knives are to the kitchen. One of the sometimes forgotten tools for sharpening are shovels, spades, hoes, grubbers and the like. Bring them to the Farmers’ Market for sharpening. Leave them in your car and see me at my site and I will transfer them to my trailer.

Due to sparks in sharpening, these tools are usually done off site and picked up the following weekend. If that’s not suitable other arrangements are available.

Community Stall

We were almost out of Love Thy Curry packs, but all the flavours are back with a top up received up from owners Heather and Ronnie.

Come and see us for Saffron Marlborough, Eden Orchard cherry juice, Marlborough sea salt, Two Dogs Olive Oil and olives, Prenzel sauces, Uncle Joe’s oils and spray free greens.

Brunch at the market

Gourmet Deli

Eagerly awaited by many, Gourmet Deli returns to the market this Sunday.

Eat in style from real cutlery and plates in the sunny market courtyard.

Breakfast Menu

Smashed avocado on Rye bread with crumbled feta, grilled bacon and poached eggs. $12

Chicken coriander dumplings pot stickers on fried rice $10

Baked 1/2 buttercup filled with Mac cheese

Or a vegan option if lentils, chick peas and vegetables. $8

Freshly made homemade pies generously filled $7 each

Pork and prawn meat

Steak and kidney

Smoked Moki Fish

Pumpkin, spinach chic pea mint and lentil pie

Roasted strawberry shortcake and cream $6

Recipe of the week

Strawberry Coconut & Olive Oil Ice Cream

Low Carb – Sugar Free – Dairy Free

Here’s a delicious dairy free Ice-Cream. A nice summer recipe for a refreshing dessert


1 punnet of Hedgerows strawberries
1 tin of Coconut Cream, chilled
½ cup Isobel Olives Delicate or Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 Tbsp chia seeds or 2 Tbsp of Chia Powder (optional)


1. Destem the strawberries and cut into chunks. Keep back a few of the best whole ones as a garnish.

2. Pour the cream into the blender or food processor, add the oil, strawberries and chia seeds, if using. Pulse until smooth or chunky – as preferred.

3. Transfer to a suitable container and put in the freezer for 30 minutes, checking it to make sure it doesn’t freeze hard. Every 15 mins give it a whisk so it doesn’t freeze hard or pop it into an ice cream maker.

4. Scoop into bowls and garnish with reserved strawberries

This is more of a sorbet consistency, but very refreshing.

See you Sunday, 9 til noon, rain or shine

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See you this Sunday from 9am – 12pm at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!