In the spirit of Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori (Māori Language Week), we welcome you to the maakete (market) this Sunday for your weekly fresh, seasonal huawhenua (vegetables) and huarākau (fruit), miti (meat), kai moana (seafood) and more. Why not ask for your produce in Māori on Sunday?

If you wondered what produce is available from the maakete, we’ve made a list for you below.

Bee Awareness Colouring-In Competition

We are also celebrating the humble (bee) with Bee Aware Month this September. We would love for your kids or grand kids to join our colouring in competition. You can download your copy here.

Not only do our bees produce a wonderful food source, they are also important to help us grow our food. The world needs bees!

On Sunday 27 September we have a surprise for you where you will be able to admire a busy bee’s work when visiting the market (all completely safe).

Parents and grandparents, please click here to download our Bee Aware Month Colouring In competition. You can also pick up a sheet from the community stall.

Five budding artist kids will win a Koanga Garden’s NZ Heritage pack of seeds, and the first 30 entrants also a popular “I love Farmers Markets sticker. The competition closes on October 4.

What’s new:

We’ve stocked up on Little Beauties and Eden Orchard Cherry Juice

To all those who confess to being a bit of a chocoholic. What if you could pack in one of your 5 a day all while treating yourself to a delicious chocolate treat? The tangy flavour of the dried kiwi gold and dark chocolate are a match made in heaven and make the perfect after dinner snack. Available from the community stall

Wake Up Feeling Refreshed

Research shows that sweet cherries grown in NZ are a natural source of melatonin. This hormone is necessary not just for sending you to sleep, but also for helping you stay asleep. For many years the Bignell family noticed these health benefits. At the start of each cherry season their sleeping would significantly improve but then they would slip back into their old routines of restless nights when the season finished. By bottling cherry juice, they found a way to make cherries available all year round. The pure and sparkling cherry juices are delightfully refreshing, and back in stock at the community stall.

Snail House Bakery

Annette is back from a little break. All the favourites will be there. The German rye sourdough is especially popular lately. So she’ll make plenty. A good bread to keep strong and well fed. Linzer tart with hazelnuts from the Nutt Ranch, with eggs used from Koromiko. There will be a wheat free cake option. Country loaves with fresh milled organic purple wheat and rye, sprouted superseed bread , chia seed crackers and of course the best cinnamon snails in town!
Also a lot!  of apple strudel as it sells so fast!
And a for bee awareness month she will be making honey cakes and a oat honey bread.

Long Acre Farm

The farm is buzzing with activity. Our wonderful pigs are enjoying the warmer weather and have even taken to their wallow holes to cool down.

Rick and Nairn are only too happy to discuss any cuts of meat you would like to order for dare I say it is Christmas season.

Plenty of chops and sausages for the BBQ.

Long Acre Farm Kitchen

The kāuta is open and along with our usual bacon butties, bacon and egg roll, BLAT, our very own Saddleback breakfast burger we will offer a breakfast salad, garden greens, cherry tomatoes, avocado, poached egg and crispy bacon.

mā te wā, Nairn

If you wondered what produce is available from the market, we’ve made a list for you here:

What is missing from your fridge this week that we can help you with?

Here is our list of local produce available in Māori with the English translation next to it.

  • aniana – onion (also riki)
  • apareka – asparagus
  • kāpeti – cabbage
  • kareparāoa – cauliflower
  • kōkihi – spinach (also rengamutu)
  • kāroti / kāreti – carrot
  • korare – silverbeet
  • paukena – pumpkin *
  • puananī – broccoli
  • rarihi – radish (also uhikura)
  • rengamutu – spinach (also kōkihi)
  • rengakura – beetroot
  • rētihi – lettuce
  • riki – onion (also aniana)
  • rikiroa – leek
  • rīwai – potato
  • uhikura – radish (also rarihi)
  • wōnati – walnut
  • pēkana – bacon
  • hānati –  hazelnut
  • tōtiti – sausage
  • tōtiti wera – hot dog
  • miraka tepe – yoghurt
  • wai aporo – apple juice
  • mīere – honey
  • āporo – apple
  • tiamu – jam
  • mīti poaka – pork
  • miere – honey
  • miraka – milk
  • tīhi – cheese
  • putiputi – flower
  • parāoa pū kākano – wholegrain bread
  • rōpere – strawberry
  • kawhe – coffee
  • and much more

Level 2

Here’s a reminder of our changes at Level 2

  1. We’re outdoors and have spaced out the stalls.
  2. There is hand sanitiser at each stall.
  3. There is one entrance way into the Market Arena, adjacent the Maxwell Road park entrance.
  4. We are contract tracing. One queue for manual tracing and one for the app.
  5. Vehicle traffic flow is one way:  Enter via Alabama Road and Exit via Maxwell Road out past the toilet and administration block.
  6. Tables will be out but limited to one party per table.

mā te wā. See you Sunday!

See you Sunday from 9 til noon, unless you are unwell. If you haven’t already, we invite you to follow us on FaceBook.and Instagram

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