It’s an August Market this Sunday

Grab your empty tummies and shopping bags and head on down this weekend for what promises to be another sterling Winter Market.  Don’t worry if it’s a bit wet around the edges, it’s still business as usual for us under the cover of the Sheep Pavilion.  For just three hours each week it’s the freshest local farm produce in town and there’s great baa-gins!

See you Sunday from nine til noon at the A&P Showgrounds

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Grab a great coffee, peruse the market stalls, chat to your friends and enjoy a nibble.  Feast Merchants are back with hearty breakfasts including their Feast Royale and their ever-changing selection for the sweet tooth.

There’s a great range of hearty vegetables available at the stalls – Field Fresh, Harwoods, Spuds n Greens and Steve’s Onions – but my pick of the week is the avocados.  Try growing your own seedling by hanging onto the stone and suspending it half-in and half-out of water by inserting three toothpicks into it and setting it in jar.  Keep it around 22 degrees and in good light.

Check out the new flavour of empanadas at Pedros – Spicy Pork and fresh sage join his range of gluten free Empanadas and fresh pasta.  Peter-the-Swiss Butcher has delicious European Hot-Dogs for sale alongside a range of fresh sausages and cured meats.

The delicious range of sauces, condiments, jams and chutneys just gets better and better each week at the Market – enjoy a tasting at Traditional Country Preserves and check out the range at the Information Stall made by local Manaaki, Raizada, and Cristina..

Fancy a different Winter Salad?  Try Miner’s lettuce as your base.  The leaves taste crisp and juicy with a hint of lemon, and they’re rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and anti-oxidents.  They also contain manganese, potassium, iron, copper and calcium.  Bags are available at the Community Stall.  If you have a laden fruit or nut tree at home and would like to join us one morning to make some pocket money, please come have a chat to us on Sunday about joining the Community Stall.



For you all you blue-fingers

It’s time to start planting strawberries and for those of you following recent news nationally you’ll know there’s a debate on as to whether blue ones actually exist!  Forget smurf-berries we’re keen on the red ones at the Market and can’t wait for strawberry season to start.  In the meantime why don’t you try planting a few of your own?  For great flavor try the super seaweed Wakame Grow.  First soak plants to stop transplant stress and spray regularly to boost plant growth and health from day one.  Plant your strawberries in full sun in free-draining soil.  Shaded areas produce more leaves than fruit.  To easily reach into the centre of the harvest limit the width of rows to 90-120cm and give the plants plenty of space (about 50cm apart).

Visit Clive to purchase Wakame Grow and have a chat to Rose at Marlborough Nursery for strawberry plants and more planting tips.