Come rain, come frost, come shine…

With such changeable weather there seems to be some doubt as to whether the Marlborough Farmers’ Market is open.  Our Farming Folk don’t get put off by a bit of mud, chill or rain – they just pop on another layer and work outdoors everyday.  So doubt no further, except for A&P Show and Garden Marlborough, we’re open every Sunday.

Whatever the weather you’ll see us this Sunday from nine til noon at the A&P Showgrounds

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Farmers Markets New Zealand 2018 Winter Food Awards


Farmers’ Market stallholders from all around the country have been competing against one another this Winter.  The results are just in and I’m delighted to announce three more award-winning reasons to visit the Marlborough Farmers’ Market.

Tastiest Nut Products Fresh Winner: Pinoli – Pine Nuts

Overall category winner for Tastiest Nut Products: Pinoli!

Most Delicious Beverages Winner: FRUT4U Lowes Orchard – Apple & Boysenberry Juice The judges said, “Nearly a perfect score, very good smell, excellent texture, taste & colour. Perfect juice for winter, delicious.”

Most Delicious Beverages Highly Commended: Eden Orchards – Pure Cherry Juice





Once again Annette from Germany and Cristina from Italy join forces to create wonderous baking from their native countries.  Look forward to German wheat and rye sourdough bread, everyone’s favourite cinnamon rolls, a cake or two, and some delicious crackers. Enjoy some Italian specialties, gluten and vegan baking, cake in a jar, gluten free bolognese lasagne, pizza, muffins, naan,wraps (ahem, perhaps they’re not be a European national dish), and ciabatta.



If you’d like to continue enjoying a European experience try a brat-dog at Peter the Swiss Butcher’s, or pop across the market to South America and try some of Pedro’s sweet empanadas and gluten free fresh pasta.



Did you know we have three stalls that sell local honey?  Traditional Country Preserves, Garden Bees and Long Acre Farm each have honey for sale and all of them offer a different taste.



If you fancy a hearty casserole this weekend don’t forget to check out our vegetable stalls and what Premium Game has on offer.