Sunday it will be the first day of Spring! And hopefully a sunny day to go with it.

In recent weeks we’ve already seen hints of the welcome change in season with the return of Cranky Goat and the arrival of asparagus.

We hope you had a chance to talk to the Marlborough Girls College students, who have developed a natural spray that stops your cut fruit from going brown in the fridge or in lunch boxes.

You may also have noticed that Peter the Swiss Butcher snuck back into the market arena, so it’s perfect timing to stock up on cured meats and European sausages.

This Sunday Three Cats will be taking Limrose Grove’s fortnightly spot.

Here are some more reasons to join us at the market this Sunday

  • Feast Merchants return
  • Come early for your jumbo eggs and for the asparagus
  • Unadulterated raw honey
  • Stock up on giant cauliflowers, onions, Asian greens, coriander, spudz, pumpkin to name a few of the range of locally grown veggies at the market
  • Microgreens to sprinkle on your salads and sammies
  • Organic tempeh
  • Almonds
  • Baking and Germanic style breads
  • Eden Orchard pure and sparkling cherry Juice
  • Prenzel vinaigrettes and oils
  • Marlborough sea salt
  • Uncle Joe’s amazing nut oils
  • Delica’s delicious sorbet
  • Free Range pork
  • Creamy French Pate
  • Seasonal fruit – apples and kiwifruit
  • Home made kiwi’s energy bars
  • Brunch served from our food trucks
  • And maybe fish if the weather is kind

Stall holder’s on film

Stu McCormick of StuCam has been interviewing and filming the winter market. Take a moment to watch the series to transport yourself to your Market Sunday.

Marlborough Farmers Market in Winter part 1

Marlborough Farmers Market part 2

See you Sunday, 9 til noon, rain or shine

Marlborough Farmers Market part 3

See you this Sunday from 9am – 12pm at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!

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