It’s a warm spell…


Perfect for shopping at the Winter Marlborough Farmers’ Market in the rustic Sheep Pavilion, A&P Showgrounds!

It’s unseasonably warm for Winter Solstice – the perfect time to plant garlic and the perfect temperature to shop and brunch at the Winter Market!  There’s a great variety of local and fresh produce to peruse and this week in the newsletter we’re highlighting our Nutters!  Enjoy.

See you this Sunday from 9am – 12pm at the Winter Marlborough Farmers’ Market!


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The Nutters




We like to boast about our experts at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market, but Gill and Graham at Riverina are TV celebrities too!  They’ve just been on Rural Delivery  (you can see them on TVNZ on demand) and on Country Calendar .  No wonder they know all about almonds, they’ve had their orchard for over 35 years.  They originally planted 500 trees, then they grew more from seed and grafted more trees, increasing their orchard by another 100 to 150 trees each year.  They now have around 2,000 spray-free trees in their orchard and a view of beautiful blossom each Spring.  The range of almonds at their stalls includes – smoked & salted, roasted garlic & chilli, roasted & salted, candied, natural, Almond Butter and Almond Biscotti.  The almonds are picked from March to June, so come and enjoy them fresh at the market.

MFM - nuts.2



Keith and Georgina are relative newcomers to the Market and they love it!  They moved to Nutt Ranch a year ago but the 2,500 trees are very well established – they were planted 15 years ago.  No spring blossom for them – hazelnuts do not bloom – they grow beautiful catkins instead.  Based in Cowslip Valley, Waihopi their hazelnuts are harvested from April to May and the nuts are cracked as required, so they’re always fresh.  Georgina says “Hazelnuts are very versatile,” and here’s their produce to prove the point … hazelnuts: natural, kernels, dry roasted, roasted & salted, hot ‘n’ spicy, apple cinnamon, and orange roasted.  There’s also available for sale: Ground Hazelnut, Hazelnut Flour, Hazelnut Crumble, Hazelnut Butter, and Crunch Nut Butter.

And they’ve just released Cold Pressed Walnut Oil: 100ml $10 and 250ml $20.


Walnut Oil - Nutt Ranch





Walnuts are now in season and several stalls have them for sale.  Last week Eleanor had a Pop-up Stall selling walnuts from the 100-year-old tree in her garden.  If you’d like a temporary stall to sell your local produce phone 028 405 2925 or email




What’s special this week…


The stall at Wild Game is never the same from one week to the next – it all depends on the success of their hunting around Marlborough.  Last week wild goat, wild pork and wild venison … and this week SURPRISE!  We simply don’t know, but look forward to finding out…and we hope Tash has something yummy in the crockpot for brunch!


Traditional Country Preserves have been at the pickling again!  Margaret’s just released yummy Pickled Shallots and delicious Crab Apple Jelly.  And since this newsletter is all about nuts … I simply must mention the five-star Chocolate Walnut Fudge at merely $3.







Vegetable of the week …


Join our Facebook page if you’d like some fun guessing the mystery vegetable each week.  This week Spudz n Greens introduced me to Kohlrabi (german turnip or turnip cabbage) Brassica oleracea.  It’s a cabbage cultivar and common in German speaking countries and North Vietnam.  You can cook the stem and the leaves, and it can be eaten raw as well as cooked.  Try it!


IMG_0091.JPG (3)





In season nuts … and limes!


There’s something zingy at Darren and Kay’s stall Limrose Grove – limes en masse looks terrific.  Just picked from over 100 spray-free trees, the limes are great value in $5 bags.  According to Darren …”whatever you can do with a lemon, you can do with a lime and more…”.  I’ve taken Darren’s advice – lime in my smoothies, lime basting my chicken, lime with fish, lime on pancakes – so far, so yummy I’ve decided to plant a lime tree.

Also in season, sore throats!  Kevin at Garden Bees recommended I try the Bush Honey for my croaky throat, because it has Manuka in it.  Perhaps you can guess my next lime suggestion … yip lime, bush honey and hot water – delicious and soothing!




This week’s recipe Key Lime Pie is from our lime expert Kay …



300 g biscuits for base
150g melted butter
1 x 400g tin condensed milk ( I used Lite )
3 egg yolks
finely grated zest and juice of 4 limes
300 ml cream
1 tbsp icing sugar
extra zest, to decorate




Heat oven to 160 degrees. Whiz biscuits to crumbs. Mix with melted butter and press into base and sides of a tart tin. Bake in oven for 10 minutes. Remove and cool.
 Put egg yolks in a large bowl and whisk for a minute. Add condensed milk and whisk for 3 minutes then add zest and juice and whisk again for 3 minutes. Pour filling into the cooled base then put back in the oven for 15 minutes. Cool then chill for at least 3 hours or overnight.
When ready to serve, remove pie from tin and put on serving plate. To decorate, whip together the cream and icing sugar. Dollop the cream onto the top of the pie and finish with extra lime zest.