You may have noticed that we have been working on the parking arrangements. The markets this month certainly have been busy, requiring a bit of additional parking warden support.

Neville points to the additional car park space behind the Northern end stalls

We have created additional parking behind the Northern end stalls. You can now drive in at Alabama road, and out via the Northern gate, past the sports pavilion. This will help you avoid meeting with incoming traffic from the busy Alabama Road entrance as you leave the market.

Whether you are already back at work, or still on holiday, we invite you to end the week with a relaxed visit to the market for fresh summer produce for your week’s needs.

Grab a coffee, shop and chat with friends, munch on a brunch, and make the most of our Marlborough Summer while chillaxing to the tunes of our visiting busker.

See you Sunday, 9 til noon, rain or shine

A few Market Highlights

Brunch with our food trucks

Pedro will have fresh gluten free and vegan empanadas this week.

Gourmet-deli Street food breakfast brunch menu

Our large ever so popular Scots Eggs are available every Sunday now.
Coated in Parmesan, cheddar, rolled oats and cornflakes then oven baked no deep frying or bread from us. Available in dairy free and Gluten free options $8
Blueberries and strawberry KETO cheese cakes a winner.
Fresh salmon omelettes are hit the for breakfast.
Our cheese chorizo and chilli scones are attracting repeat business.
Try our lemon cream fresh berry and honey pastries.

Unsprayed vegetables

Mississippi Herbs brings you unsprayed vegetables, picked at their best. Currently we have crisp Lebanese cucumbers and a range of zucchini – green, yellow, striped and ridged. Also some scallopini (patty pan squash), just a few right now but more to come.

Tomatoes are dissapointingly slow to ripen so we need some sunshine! 14 varieties this year… Still a range of herb plants though some supplies are running out, and a variety of fresh cut herbs to liven your summer meals.

Eat your Greens

Incredibly lush NZ Spinach will be at the community stall again, and possibly even some Microgreens (bring a container just in case).

Artisan baking

Minghetties is taking a break, but Annette is back with all your favourites; slow risen rye sourdough loaves and country bread, wheat free Adventure bread, super seed whole grain loaves , chia seed and sourdough crackers, and even Linzer cake, apple strudel, cherry pie and Babkas.

The sourdough is in top form and bubbling, enjoying summer out in the Marlborough Sounds.

“Our neighbours in Australia are not so happy so I will bake a koala bun for a fundraising effort. All profits of the sale will be donated to the wildlife rescue efforts in Australia.” Annette

Fresh fruit

The old favourite Billington plums are ready and available from the Purple Patch. These plums have red flesh and are great for jam, sauce, chutney or just eating. “We will also have sunflowers, and green and butter beans”, says Judith.

Windsong Orchard colourful plums
Windsong organic plums

Windsong orchard’s stall is getting more colourful each week. Drop by to taste the wide range of plum flavours that they supply as the plum season heads towards its peak. All certified organic produce, they specialise in tree ripened juicy fruit.

Craving an English Pork pie or gluten free Scotch egg?

Marsley says she’s unable to make any more pies than she does, so she is appealing to you to come before 11am or email her to pre order – “I’ll hold their order for them to collect at the market,” she says.


I finally have Pinot Noir jelly back in stock for this Sunday. I am slowly catching up on some of the products have been missing from my stall after a very busy November/December, so come check if your favourite is back or try a product you haven’t tried before. The golden Tamarillo products have been very popular plus the Pinot Noir and Blackcurrant sauce which started as a dessert sauce but is often used with wild game and venison.  The Black Doris Plum products are always a favourite. Chilli jam (a chutney) has been in great demand and will be on the shelf this Sunday.

The bon-bons at $10 or $12 make great thank you gifts. If what you would like is note in the basket we can make it while you wait. We can also put ribbons on single bottles if they are for gifts, just ask.

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See you this Sunday from 9am – 12pm at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!