We have one month of winter behind us, that means only two more to go.

Last Sunday, sheltering from the rain, we found ourselves in the sheep pavilions for the first time this winter. This is where we will stay until our summer market commences again.

Although inside, our setup has an indoor/outdoor feel, with our popular food court in a semi-circle with gazebos, tables and chairs catching the sun rays and sheltering from the rain. On sunny days, the market will extend the outdoor area.

What’s new this week?

  • All the popular veggie stalls will be back apart from Natural Microgreens.
  • Young entrepreneur Devon, Isobel Olives, Snailhouse Bakery and River Gold Honey also return.

Our busker this week is Carlos Thema-Sun. Carlos has been busking on and off for quite a few years, playing mellow tunes on his acoustic guitar. It will be his first time busking at the market.

Discover below:

  • An interview with Veronica from Le Posh Patisserie.
  • What the Snailhouse bakery will be baking.
  • The benefits of the Homemade Kiwi’s orange peel powder.
  • Those with a fireplace will know that wood chopping is all about having the right tools. Ron from SharpAs talks you through different axe types.

See you Sunday, rain or shine, from 9 til noon at A&P Showgrounds.

An interview with Le Posh Patisserie

We are so delighted to have Veronica and Didier Crevecoeur of Le Posh Pâtisserie with us since the end of May.

Didier has been in the baking business for over 40 years and Veronica joined him about 10 years ago. They offer Butter Croissants, Almond Croissants, Pains aux Raisins, Chocolate Croissants, Cinnamon Rolls, Eclairs and French Baguettes. “Occasionally we will have brioche, chouquettes, palmiers, meringues, macarons also”, Veronica adds.

What do they love most about the Farmers’ Market? Veronica says, “We get to meet many French people and other nationalities and many Kiwis who have been to France!!”

They are passionate about creating different French dishes and desserts, combining ideas from their world travels.

When they are not at the market you might bump into Didier on the golf course or hitting the slopes this winter.

Veronica says “my husband’s hobby is playing golf and skiing!!  I love reading, doing embroidery, cooking, Macrame, and I’m a league 10-pin bowler!! We both love travelling and visiting family and friends all over the world!!

Come and get a taste of France this Sunday from Le Posh Pâtisserie.

Updates from our stall holders

Snailhouse Bakery

Rain or shine I’ll be back at the farmers market on Sunday with all the favourites.

German style rye sourdough has become a firm favourite for my customers. Made with freshly milled organic rye and wheat and pure sourdough, it’s no surprise it’s so popular. Country loaves will be with konini/ purple wheat this week. But wait, there is more!

Superseded Multigrain and wheat free Stone Age bread, cinnamon snails, chia crackers, breadsticks, Linzer tart, cherry pie, Afghans and apple strudel will all be back. I’m sure they taste even better in bad weather.


A special this week from HOMEMADE.KIWI

I’ve has made up some Orange Peel Powder.

Primarily, orange peel is a powerhouse of nutrients and antioxidants. It has a higher vitamin C content than the fleshy inside. Here are some of the amazing health benefits:

  • Just one teaspoon dissolved in a glass of warm water, or sprinkled over your morning cereal can help lower blood pressure
  • Same dose can also help suppress depression and anxiety.
  • Can help lower bad cholesterol
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Orange peel contains a compound called Nobiletin which has been found to lower a person’s risk of inflammation and heart disease.

This product is available on the SharpAs stand.


SharpAs Tool Tip

It’s that time of year again that, those with fireplaces are cutting wood.

I have three main axes. One of the first log splitters, that I have since replaced and extended the handle. Gives a lot more wollope. A standard axe and a shortened handled kindling axe.

A short handle with a heavy axe head gives a lot more control and takes less effort to use. If you have an axe that you want fixed or any other tool or knives come and see me at the market.


Traditional Country Preserves

Look out for Margaret’s gift baskets too while browsing her stall.

See you Sunday from 9 til noon, unless you are unwell. If you haven’t already, we invite you to follow us on FaceBook.and Instagram