Your Guide to the Marlborough Farmers’ Market…

Happy Matariki.

Welcome to crispy temperatures, but the forecast is for sunshine on Sunday, and that means it will be a lovely morning at the market.

While some of our summer producers have left us until September, a new stall holder with microgreens has joined us.

Winter also means that turnips, leeks, celeriac, fennel, giant cauliflowers and kohlrabi are back in season.

Minghettis is celebrating Matariki with Rēwena bread made with Spudz n Greens Purple Māori potatoes. Marco will also be bringing a new bread made with winter warming Stout Beer.

There will be no shortage of brunch option. Chef Fran Nolan will be firing up the BBQ again. Long Acre Farm will be there, as well as Pedro and the Swiss Butcher.

The Nut Ranch is back for their fortnightly visit. The rich and fudgy hazelnut and chocolate brownies recipe has been provided by them for this issue.

Plan ahead for plastic free July. Bring your own reusable shopping bags, or add a roomy, and sturdy Marlborough Farmers’ Market jute bag to your collection.

See you Sunday for a bite to eat and your weekly regional produce shop.

See you Sunday, 9 til noon, rain or shine

Market Highlights from our stall holders

Welcome to Natural Microgreens

Super-fresh nutrient dense micro greens, gown with love and care in a rainbow of colours.

Ian has cut micro greens and living micro greens. The living micro greens come in punnets that will last 3 weeks on your window sill, and are ready to cut.

Chose from sunflower shoots, pea shoots, mellow mix or rainbow mix for cut microgreens.

Fabulous to have them on board.

Pedros Empanadas

** Large Empanadas on special **

Stop by Pedros for his large empanadas on special at $3 each, They are great for lunches and as after school and pre-dinner snacks. Plan ahead with a dozen frozen empanadas and dive into your home freezer any time of the week, only $35 for a dozen.


Marco says “this coming Sunday we’d like to propose Rēwena bread made with Spudz n Greens Purple Maori potatoes and our “extra stout” Bread made with Stout Beer….alongside the Marlborough’s Hearts….we’ll be bringing back pumpkin bread as well.”

Your traditional regular favourites multigrain and molasses, pumpernickel, traditional ciabatta and olives will be there too.

Lola’s French Bakery

This week Lola’s French Bakery will make your mouth water with her delicious “croissant au Nutella”. So don’t forget to treat yourself and join us this Sunday to grab our genuine French yummy croissant filled with irresistible Nutella! MIAM!

Traditional Country Preserves

Winter is with us again so Margaret will be making fresh fruit muffins Sunday morning. Same price as last year $2 each.

Orange marmalade will also be back in stock.

Fresh supplies of the tasty Tua Marina Walnuts which sold out last week will be available along with the Lagoonside Honey, so get in quickly.

The Nut Ranch

The Nutt Ranch will be at the market this Sunday on their fortnightly winter schedule. Their nuts make beautiful snacks between meals, and great addition to cheese boards.

They are also great for flourless baking. Check out the hazel nut brownies made with Nutt Ranch Ground Hazelnuts and Nutt Ranch Dry Roasted Hazelnuts.


A Plastic Free July message from the Lowes

“At Lowes we are always looking for ways to improve our orchard sustainability and with plastic free July just around the corner you can help us reduce plastic bag usage by bringing your own container or bag to the market to put your fruit in. We will not be providing plastic bags for the whole month so come prepared!!!”

Craft Pate

Craft will be back! Refreshed from above the clouds, snow, mountains your favourite French pate will be back at the market. Guess what else is back: Wild pork and prune terrine!

Boom! Sauce and Spice

In addition to the chilli preserves and kim chi, chef Fran is firing up the BBQ again.

Brunch options

  • Lamb Tacos
  • Soup
  • Tempeh Salad

Hazelnut and Chocolate Brownies

“So rich and fudgy. The flourless GF brownies are intense”, says Georgina.


200g 72% Dark Chocolate, roughly broken up

170g butter, roughly chopped

4 Koromiko free range eggs

200g (1cup) sugar

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

100g (1 cup) Nutt Ranch Ground Hazelnuts

50g 72% Dark Chocolate chopped up

100g Nutt Ranch Dry Roasted Hazelnuts, roughly chopped


In a heatproof bowl, add the 200g dark chocolate and butter. Microwave for 1 minute and stir to combine. Continue to microwave, stopping every 15 seconds until the chocolate and butter are smooth and silky.

Set aside to cool slightly.

Heat the oven to 175°C. Line a 22.5cm square baking tin with baking paper. In a mixing bowl add the eggs and sugar. Beat on medium speed until the mixture is thick, pale and has doubled in volume.

Add in the melted chocolate butter mixture and vanilla extract. Then gently fold in the ground hazelnuts, chopped chocolate and hazelnuts. Pour the batter into a prepared baking tin and bake 40-45minutes. Remove from the oven and let cool completely before cutting into bars.

Do you have a recipe using market ingredients? Email it to us so we can share it.

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See you this Sunday from 9am – 12pm at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!