Your Weekly Guide to the Marlborough Farmers’ Market…

Here’s a quick preview to what is on offer this week at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!

When hunger strikes, come down to the Marlborough Farmers’ Market where stalls overflow with local products. Bite into a bacon-and-egg burger while listening to a musician strum a guitar, sample the goods at the Cooking Demo with D’Vine or the mouthwatering varieties of melon at Stephens Onions & Shallots. Bump into friends, have a coffee and stock up on the freshest fruit, vegetables, meat, flowers, delectable bakery, deli produce and more this Sunday!  Eftpos is available, and plenty of parking…see you there!!!

See you this Sunday from 9am – 12pm at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!


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Start your day with breakfast or brunch at your local market, there’s plenty to choose from!!!



Bacon and fresh herb potato cake with poached eggs and chutney $10

Kedgeree. Smoked fish spiced rice with turmeric served with two poached eggs on top $12

Roasted strawberry pancakes topped with fresh strawberries, cream and maple syrup $8.00

Pork belly pies $7

Angus beef pepper pies $5

Spinach and feta quiche family pie $12

NB: All food served on real crockery with knives & forks, dining tables and chairs


MFM - Gourmet Deli




Come and see Janice, Ken & Melissa for your delicious breakfast at Thommy’s stall located between the Koffie cart and Mississippi Herbs.

We will treat you to any of the following:- Bacon & Egg Burger $5, Bacon, Egg & Pattie Burger $7, Full breakfast on a plate $10 or our tasty Whitebait Sandwich (served with a wedge of lemon) $8.

Whitebait caught locally. Free range eggs used in all our breakfasts. Our pattie is our own home made beef pattie.

We will also have our Tua Marina grown lemons and walnuts for sale.


MFM -Thommys



Kitchen Demo with Simon & Cristina from D’Vine MFM - D'vine logo


Bologna & Tradition ….. Let’s fry it!


Sunday’s menu:  Crescentine bolognesi – (Similar to fried bread)

Premium Game Venison Tuscan sauce

Kaikoura Cheese & Premium Game Salami

Ngamahau Fishery Smoked Salmon spread

Taste of Yesterday yumminess


History of the dish:

One of the must ingredient for Crescentine is STRUTTO (pork dripping) that was introduced in Emilia Romagna (Bologna region) around 600 A.C.

Crescentine soon became part of the everyday diet in Bologna due to its incredible versatility: they can be consumed hot or cold with sweet or savoury toppings.


MFM - D'vine



Product of the week….Royale Beef Sandwich

Feast Merchants have added their  famous ‘Royale Beef Sandwich’ to their menu for the next two Sundays – if you haven’t tried one yet, make sure you drop by their stall to see what all the fuss is about!!!  The Royale Beef Sandwich is deliciously tasty and is the perfect comfort food to enjoy while strolling round the market, it’s even been nicknamed ‘heaven in a sandwich’, so get in quick, avoid the queues!


MFM - Merchant Feast


Feast Merchants will still doing handmade ice cream with seasonal local fruits and family size take home desserts, for all you sweet tooths out there!


MFM - feast merchants



Buskers entertaining us each week!!!

Come and support Marlborough’s local talent at the market every week, enjoy the entertainment as you stroll around the stalls – bring your family and friends.  Every Sunday, the Market has live entertainment. Local artists are invited to play during the market opening times – from 9am and keep us all tapping our toes, clicking our fingers, clapping our hands or dancing a groove till 12 noon. Meet a friend, grab a coffee with a treat to eat and enjoy the entertainers.

This week we have JOHN WALDING

We are always on the lookout for more buskers, if you or someone you know might be interested contact Karen at the Information Stall or ph 0273090268, email:

MFM - busker



PINOLI – this week’s recipe MFM - Pinoli

Tomato, haloumi & Pinoli pine nut pesto.

Small Tomatoes
Haloumi cheese
Olive oil
Pesto (recipe on Pinoli pine nuts, basil, garlic, olive oil, Parmesan cheese, red chili-optional.
Cut tomatoes in half and place in a bowl. Cut haloumi into chunks and fry in olive oil until golden. Drain on a paper towel. Make pesto with pine nuts, basil, garlic, olive oil & Parmesan cheese ( as per recipe on website). Add a little red chili for heat if desired. Toss together and serve.


MFM - Pinoli.3



Marlborough Flaky Sea Salt – locally harvested

Dominon Salt has a plant at Lake Grassmere, The snowy stacks of salt are something of a landmark, readily visible by day and night.  Marlborough Flaky Sea Salt is as natural as the ocean, sun and wind used in its harvesting. All ingredients used in the manufacture of our organic certified Flaky Sea Salt – sunshine, wind and pure ocean water are sourced locally.  The unique flake like crystal is ideal for finishing fine foods. The delicate crystal dissolves easily on the palate. This means greatly enhanced flavours and you tend to use less salt (by weight) on food.

Flaky salt also has excellent adherence qualities; it will stick to almost any food.   Typically the salt is gently crushed between the fingers over food. Quantities are dependant on ones own taste preferences.  Many food enthusiasts are also looking for the best nutritional value in their ingredients, which is the added benefit of Marlborough Flaky which contains many trace minerals.

At the market you can purchase packets of 100gms of Flaky Salt for $5.50 at the Information Stall.


MFM - merchandise.7


Stephens Onions & Shallots

Onions and shallots  in abundance, they have so many uses and can be cooked in so many ways:


MFM - onions


Stephen also has slices of fresh juicy watermelon and rock melon for $1.00 per slice (great to munch on while wandering around the market).


MFM - Stephens onions & shallots.2

MFM - Stephens onions & shallots