We can’t wait to find out how Alistair from Spudz n Greens got on in the Marlborough Ploughing Association qualifying event. Lucky that they are back this Sunday.

Winter means that some of our stallholders are now coming every fortnight. Snailhouse bakery is alternating with HiFi foods, who are back this Sunday. More from them below. The Gourmet Deli is taking their winter break, but we still have a range of hot food – and of course coffee – available to keep you warm and fed during the winter season.

Don’t forget to book your spot at the Cawthron Marlborough Environmental Field Days hosted by Pinoli, who are opening their gates to the public on Tuesday June 29th from 1-3:30pm. Pinoli is extending an invite to all pine nut fans from the Farmers’ Market. Please book with bev.doole@icloud.com by June 25.

Find out what else is in store this Sunday below.

See you Sunday, rain or shine, from 9 til noon at A&P Showgrounds.

From our stallholders

Heritage Breads and HiFiFoods

I’d like to say a big Hi to all the Marlborough Farmers’ Market shoppers and artisan bread fans. We are a new stall attendee but have been operating from our wholesale bakery in Grovetown for 8 years. Our first appearance at the market was a great success and we sold out of most lines by 10.30am. Our schiacciata was gone within minutes. We will be on site every second week including this coming Sunday.

We have the full range of Handcrafted breads available and Luana, Lindsay, and John start at 1am on Sunday morning to bring it fresh to the market.

We also have some exciting developments. We are the exclusive New Zealand agent and baker of the new HiFi flour range. This is the remarkably new high fibre wheat flour 20 years in the breeding by CSIRO Australia. It has 10 times (yes 10 times) the fibre of traditional white flour and three times that of wholemeal. It is great it you are diabetic, can’t eat bread, or have any digestive disorders as it releases energy slowly, doesn’t spike the blood and feeds the good bugs in the gut. Best of all it tastes and handles yummy just like traditional breads. This is the first available in Australia and New Zealand (we beat the Aussies and purchased all the grain coming available till 2024). Come and try for yourself and give us a “HiFive” at the market and well give you a discount. Do check out our website which is just coming online www.HiFiFoods.co.nz

Have a chat to me on Sunday about how we can help you with morning tea shouts, birthday celebrations, and staff functions.

Graeme Giles, Chief Stirrer

Pedros Empanadas

Pedros Empanadas

I will have free flow frozen large spicy beef and venison in a port wine sauce empanadas at a special price of $3 each. Limited stock


Nutt Ranch

Keith and Georgina will be joining the market every two weeks over winter and our next market will be the 20th of June.

Golden Mile Produce

We’re putting the “Golden” into the squash this week with our fabulous orange squash. They are a nutty flavour with a dry texture that so many people adore for winter eating. Try roasting alongside shallots and garlic for a fireside dinner treat. Check these out on Sunday at Golden Mile Produce. 

Stephen & Sally 

Garden Bees

Garden bees still have 2 kg pots multiflora for $20.00ea

other 1 kg pots $15.00, excludes manuka, please browse our honey products.

Thanks, Kevin


Vegetable Frittata, another “Meal in a Minute”. The Frittata contains a combination of mushrooms and mixed vegetables as well as spices. It is so simple and quick to make. Simply rehydrate, place in the fry pan, and add the beaten eggs and cook for 5 – 10 minutes, Voila, all done! 

We will be tasting Curried Pumpkin Soup at the Market this Sunday Come and enjoy.

See you Sunday, Rain or Shine. Alys


delicia hot waffle

Warm yourself with a hot waffle, cream, sauce and topped with a little gelato.

SharpAs Tool Tips

Last week I showed a damaged knife worth rescuing. Here is a photo of the recovered knife. A while ago I told the story of a woman who went to North Vietnam bought a knife at a market for $5, had her passport stolen at the market and the subsequent costs meant the knife cost $700. It became her favourite knife because of its cutting action. This knife is recovered in that shape. The dimple effect is one I put on. It reduces suction and sticking of the knife to produce. If it’s got an edge to sharpen see me at the Farmers Market.

cheers Ron

mā te wā.

See you Sunday from 9 til noon, unless you are unwell. If you haven’t already, we invite you to follow us on FaceBook and Instagram.

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