Your Guide to the Marlborough Farmers’ Market…

We will have a lucky break with the weather this Queens Birthday Sunday, looking forward to sunny skies on our last “Summer market”.

Queens Birthday marks the last market for a few of our stall holders as we head into winter. Come along and enjoy their goodness while they are still with us.

Our stall holders still have a plenty of seasonal goodness for you –  kiwifruit, persimmons, feijoas, apples and pears, pumpkins, potatoes, onion, winter greens, and Stephens giant capsicum to name a few. We are also a great place to stock up on Artisan cheese, European cured meats and small goods, and organic vegan tempeh this weekend.

Check out more news and from our stall holders below.

See you Sunday, 9 til noon, rain or shine

From our stall holders

Feast Merchants

Feast Merchants are heading away for 6 weeks, so this is their last market for a bit.

By special request from a special person, “Hot Chicken Tacos” will be the special for Sunday.


Manu, Bill and I would like to thank our many loyal customers for their continuous support this season. We are now taking four months off to rest, create and do nothing.

We look forward to our return with more new and brighter ideas to make your lives easier in the kitchen. Kind wish Margaret

Breakfast options

  • Chicken coriander dumplings (potstickers ) on fried rice. $10
  • Three egg fresh salmon omelette with beetroot relish $10

Here are some more options to tickle your taste buds

Pumpkin frittata
Stuffed pumpkins 
Blueberry blackboy peach and lemon curd scones
Pastries fresh and morish lamb shank family pies 

Come by the say hello.

Windsong Orchard

This is likely to be Windsong’s last market for the summer season so last chance to get your certified organically grown feijoas, persimmons and kiwifruit. You’ll find them back at the market late winter with their daffodils but fruit won’t start again until next December. It’s been a bountiful season and they’d like to thank all their loyal customers for your support.

Home-made Kiwi

Alys has just made a new batch of all her health and energy bars.

MULLIGAN BARS….A rich tasting, power giving bar, very popular with Trampers, Hunters and Runners in particular, but also great as a daily snack.

VEGAN HEMP PROTEIN BAR…. Gluten and sugar free, packed with goodness and topped with Gluten free Belgian Couverture chocolate to give that burst of energy.

CRUNCHY HONEY, PUMPKIN & SUNFLOWER SEED BARS…So good for you with no added sugar. Sweetened with Marlborough Honey. Crunchy and satisfying. Great for travellers as well as in the lunch box.

Lola’s French Bakery

Croissant or Brioche? Chocolate or Custard? It is always hard to make a choice when you see the range of Lola’s French Pastries…

This Sunday we’ll make it easier for you with Lola’s mini pastries, so come to grab a mix of your favourite French treats!

They are $3 each and they are as delicious as the big ones

Sadly, neither Minghettis nor the Snail House bakery will be with us this Sunday, so Lola’s French Bakery will be extra busy. Come early to get your pastry fix.

Mississippi Herbs

You may have seen Leah at the community stall last week. Well she’s back again this Sunday. This time she will be bringing muffins.

Isobel Olives

olive harvest at Isobel Olives
olive harvest at Isobel Olives

The Olive Harvest is upon us for the month of June. Chris and Robyn will be at the market this weekend, so make sure you stock up on your Olive Oil this week, as during harvest, they won’t be able to attend the market.

The 2017 medium oil is on special, there’s not very much left, so get in quick.

And here’s a great recipe for you – the Lemon and Cream Cheese Delight.

Lemon and Cream Cheese Delight

Provided by Isobel Olives

4 Koromiko Free Range eggs

1 Cup lemon juice (about 4 lemons)

2 1/3 cup and one tbsp Isobel Olives Delicate EVOO

3 tbsp grated lemon rind

2 cups flour (we use 1 cup white/ 1 cup wholemeal)

1 cup Sugar

2 tsp baking powder

Cream Cheese

Whisk eggs, then add all other ingredients except for the cream cheese.

Pour half the batter into either a small cake tin, or muffin cases.

Add a dollop of cream cheese into each muffin case, or put thin  slices over  the  cake mixture.

Bake 180C for 15-20 minutes. Dust  with hicing  sugar.  Serve  warm.

What do stall holders get up to after 12 noon?

Answer: The Annual General Meeting.

Neville White who many of you will have seen year in, year out at the community stall, volunteering his time, has been chair of the market for seven years. In that time in that time the market has grown enormously. His contribution earned him a Windsong Orchard feijoa cake, followed by a lunch for all us hard working stall holders.

Of course none of us would be here without you, so a big thanks goes to you, our regular market supporter. We love seeing you week in, week out, and again this Sunday.

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See you this Sunday from 9am – 12pm at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!