Your Guide to the Marlborough Farmers’ Market…

It’s Organic Week Aotearoa, and we would like to highlight our organic producers. All products from Found Food and Windsong Orchard are organic, so treat yourself this Sunday.

We are counting down to the Great Blenheim Bake Off 12th. Check out what’s happening below and be sure to get amongst it.

You can get yourself a baking special from Koromiko eggs this weekend. Isobel’s olive oil have a baking tip for you.

Autumn is a great time for warming soups. Chef Sander de Wildt from Karaka Cuisine will inspire you with a seasonal soup base and fresh ingredients from the market at our cooking demo this weekend.

And of course you will be able to get your locally grown, autumnal produce for your weekly supplies as well as a bite to eat and the wake up coffee from our food trucks.

See you Sunday, 9 til noon, rain or shine

Great Blenheim Bake Off

May 12, 8.30am to noon, at the Marlborough Farmers Market

We are getting very excited about the Great Blenheim Bake Off. Are you?

We’ve got heaps of prizes for the winners sorted.

Download the complete list of categories here.

Based around the popularity of The Great New Zealand Bake Off, this is the first Great Blenheim Bake Off organised by Creative Kids and hosted at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market.

It’s a brilliant time to have some fun with the family and create something truly special for the competition, timed with Mother’s Day.

Find out more about the event on EventFinda and the Great Blenheim Bakeoff Facebook Page.

Market special

In time for the Great Blenheim Bake Off get yourself sorted with Koromiko size 6 eggs $10 / tray, which are perfect for baking. Normally $12, so grab yourself a bargain.


Found Food

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or an omnivore, tempeh can be a nutritious addition to your diet. High in protein, prebiotics and a wide range of vitamins and minerals, tempeh is a versatile ingredient that comes with a variety of health benefits.

Matt and Tatiana of Found Food make four types of organic tempeh:

  • chickpea
  • yellow and green split pea
  • puy lentil, brown rice ad sunflower seed
  • adzuki bean, quinoa and wakame seaweed

All of Found Food’s ingredients for tempeh as well as the hummus are organic.

Check out all their varieties this Sunday.

Why organics? Here is a bit more info for you. Click the link.

From our Producers


In tune with the incoming winter, Marco is baking Grandma’s Tart made with an homemade apple jam made from organic apple, raisin, candid citrus peel, shaved almond and cinnamon, topped by a classic Frangipane and fresh apple on top finished by cinnamon sugar.

Don’t forget to stock up on your sourdoughs too.

Snail House Bakery

Annette will have her usual goodies for you on Sunday.

Her cooking demo was a big hit. She says, “I enjoyed the enthusiasm of everyone trying the fermented foods I introduced at the demo. It was so nice to hear the good feedback from everyone, some came back for seconds.”

She dished out at least 50 tasting portions! We think fermentation rules and Sourdough is queen. Annette has kindly provided us with her recipes. Click here to download the soup recipe, and here for the sauerkraut ferment.

Limrose Grove

Fancy juicy limes? We are in the middle of the season. Once the weather turns cold, Limrose’s limes turn yellow, and that is when they are at their optimum juiciness. They are great teamed with fresh Ngamahau Fishery fish, or in a drink. How do you like yours?

Stephen’s Shallots

It’s the season for peppers and aubergines, as well as garlic and onions.

Back at the market

Traditional Country Preserves

Traditional Country Preserves is back at the market this Sunday with plenty of small gift ideas for Mother’s Day plus some baskets. Margaret still has some sales table items that were so popular a couple of Sundays ago.

The Purple Patch

Judith and Colin Gray are back this week featuring proteas and the last of their topiary lavenders.

Feast yourself this Sunday

Feast Merchants

They are back and have fried chicken n waffles for sale this week!

Gourmet deli

Gourmet deli breakfasts on Sunday plus their famous salmon coriander 3 egg omelette. $10 each.
Sausage, egg, bacon, tomato muffin. Non carb $8.00
Blueberry lemon cakes with drizzle.

Isobel Olives baking tip

Looking to bake with olive oil instead of butter? Chris Piper of Isobel Olives has an olive oil baking tips for you.

He recommends the versatile delicate EVOO, because of the lightness of flavour. Chris says the oil is excellent to use in baking because it keeps it really moist and adds that it is great for mild flavoured foods like fish, chicken and eggs too.

When using oil instead of butter, use ¾ the amount of butter in the recipe is the general rule of thumb. He’s got a handy conversion table, just follow this link.

Isobel Olives EVOO is produced using Organic and Biodynamic principles. Check out how they are celebrating Organics Week Aotearoa this Sunday.

Cooking Demo

Chef Sander de Wildt from Karaka Cuisine will be preparing a seasonal soup base: Cauliflower and Rosemary Veloute with local ingredients to add taste. Simple and delicious for the colder Autumn days. Be sure to sample Sander’s fare.

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See you this Sunday from 9am – 12pm at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!