Happy New Year!

A huge Happy New Year to all our lovely customers, visitors and stall holders who have supported us throughout 2019!!

We hope you have had a peaceful holiday season, finding pleasure in sharing the market’s summer delights with family and guests. This holiday season there is so much fresh produce about. The market has been brimming with stall holders, locals and visitors .

Here’s to a fabulous first Sunday in 2020!!!

See you Sunday, 9 til noon, rain or shine

New Year’s Resolution

If you made a new year’s list hopefully a few items from our list is on yours too.

A few Market Highlights

Brunch with our food trucks

Gourmet-deli Street food menu

  • Salmon asparagus omelettes $12
  • Flat tortillas packed with fresh Greek salad and greens, slow roasted lamb topped with natural yogurt, mint and cucumber dressing. Finished with mint jelly. $12
  • Pot sticker chicken coriander dumplings on fried rice $10
  • KETO CHEESECAKE topped with fresh blueberries , strawberries and cream. $7 per slice
  • Roasted strawberry pancakes with fresh cream and blueberries. $8

Artisan baking

Annette from the Snailhouse bakery is coming with slow fermented sourdough rye and country loaves, Brezeln, superseded loaves, wheat-less adventure loaves. Breadsticks, crackers, cinnamon snails, Babkas and popular cherry pie.

Ice cream and summer go hand in hand

Regardless of temperatures, ice cream is always popular in our house. How about yours?

Did you know the market has 3 ice cream vendors? We expect Goats Amore to not just be popular for the cuddly goat, (milk and yoghurt for that matter), but also for its refreshing Goats milk ice cream. Check out the flavours at the market. Shelley offers free tastings.

Summer fruit

Tree ripened tasty plums, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, cherries, peaches and lemons, you name it, it’s at the market.

You will find them at Windsong Orchard, Frut4U, David Harwoods, Marlborough Blueberries, Sommerville Orchard, Eden Orchards the Pot shed, and The Purple Patch.

Have fun meandering the stalls to explore their range.


Preserves make great gifts and are also so handy for the cheese and meat boards this time of year. Check out Traditional Country Preserves, Boom! Sauce, Spice and BBQ, Three Cats and our Information Stall for local flavours.

Cut Flower bounty

  • Brightly coloured gerberas with pretty ray florets in yellow, orange, white, pink or red colours from the Pot Shed
  • Calla Lillies from the Purple Patch
  • Spectacular arrangements from Verve

What’s the secret to making an arrangement look good? “If you buy or get given a bouquet, keep the string on and pop the flowers in the vase the way they are arranged. If you don’t have a big enough vase, then you can split the bouquet and maybe have two vases. You can be creative in what you use for a vase, but I find a vase with a wide base and neck that narrows through the middle is one of the best ways to display a bouquet,” Florist Chikako Shiraki. Source: Stuff.co.nz

Stock up the larder

Don’t forget you can stock up on cheese (sheep and A2 dairy), meats (everything from BBQ sausages to terrines and pate), vegan tempeh and hummus, eggs, goat’s milk and even ice cream, fresh veggies, honey and locally grown pine nuts and hazelnuts at the market too.

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See you this Sunday from 9am – 12pm at the Marlborough Farmers’ Market!